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AI Sector Tactics

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I've encountered an issue with the AI Spawn: Sector Tactic module that trough a lot of googling and searching the forums I can't seem to find anyone who experiences the same thing.


I have placed the Sector Control module and attached both the sides game logic and a sector to it as well as placing an AI Spawn module that works like a charm. However when I place the Sector Tactics module I get the error "[bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic] [x] No valid area is linked to the sector BIS_fnc_moduleSector_sector1!" at the bottom left of the screen when I load up. When the first wave of AI spawn I also get a script error:



I tried just placing it like the MP Support Guidelines says, trough googling I also found a video (can't find the link for it) that mentioned syncing to the AI Spawn module, which yielded the same results. I've also tried every possible combination of syncing the Sector Tactics module to the actual sectors and to the Sector Control module only to be faced with the exact same issue.

So is the Sector Tactics module broken atm or have I completely misinterpreted how it's supposed to be implemented?

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It seems you may be missing an area logic..

It should be:
Sector module with synced area logic + side logics(blufor, opfor, or independant(pick 2+)

Place down Ai Spawn Module, configure its setting accordingly. Place down AI Spawn: Sector Tactic anywhere.
-Now in practice, if you don't sync the sector tactics to ANYTHING, it should run and allow the men to charge the sector.
I prefer to sync it to the spawn modules and that works too.


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