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COOP 7 • Operation Predator 'N Prey

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Operation Location: Prei Khmaoch Luong | ព្រៃខ្មោចលង 
Quick Description: 
   • Your priority objective is to find and destroy enemy mortars plus the vans, which carry illegal weapons across the border to the north of the country. Before you are in charge of eliminating the reinforcements of the enemies, where they also take weapons and illegal ammunitions, however to find the location of the mortars will have to hack the computers that are in the Enemy Camp to the West of the roadblock, has 2 leaders inside the field, has green light for slaughter them, they are responsible for an attack on chernarus in 2015. After completing the tasks move to the East River, then stealing a boat and moving to the extraction point.



      1 • TEAM LEADER  
      3 • PARAMEDIC 
      4 • MARKSMAN 
      6 • SCOUT 
      7 • SCOUT 
   • Earplugs 
   • BIS Revive  
   • Sway Reduced  
   • Enemy Revive  
   • Full Voice Act 
   • TAW V.Distance Script 
   • Background Music [Put your Music on 20% is enough] 
   • VCOMAI [Default - Disable, you can enable on parametres]



   → Steam Workshop

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