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[US] 1st Person Desolation REDUX Server [Chernarus Redux]

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This server aims to bring to the table what DayZ's team could not. There have been many attempts in the past by others to recreate the traditional DayZ Mod experience in ArmA III... all of which have fallen short in one way or another.


"THE SANCTUARY" is a First Person Hardcore Desolation: Redux server running on the frequently updated "Chernarus Redux" map. The map finally fits the game! Yes, that's right. The Chernarus Redux map is fucking sweet. FINALLY a proper setting! The explorers out there will love this one, there are plenty of new sights to see! From an underground tunnel system that goes deep DEEP down, completely re-done airfields, & apocalyptified towns! Literally too much to list. It's rad. I promise. Loot has also been balanced to give the player a very realistic but enjoyable play experience. Stock up on those magazines! You'll need 'em!


Finally, last but most DEFINITELY not least, ZOMBIES. They fucking WALK! How crazy is that? For all of you zombie enthusiasts out there that want to bash your heads against your keyboards trying to combat the zig-zagging super-speed zeds... we got you covered. Simple and fun to kill. Did I mention we upped the count? Airfields/Military zones will NOT be super easy to loot. You better have a plan. "They may not seem like much one at a time, but in a group all riled up and hungry. Man, you watch your ass."


We hope you dig our server.


Server IP:


How to join:

Click "Subscribe to all" in the link below.



Download A3 launcher


Filter for "The Sanctuary"

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I just searched for The Sanctuary Desolation:REDUX to no avail. When I get back from lunch I'll try by the IP and hope for the best! 

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