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Yeah I don't know; I only tested with the Artillery Computer so I cannot speak to the actual aiming capability.  Some of the models have a camera set to the mainGun animation, for visual reasons to avoid clipping through the internals.  But I do recall testing the direct-fire AT rounds and those were all spot-on.  I want to say I did most of my testing early on w/ the 2S19 if I recall.  I don't see any reason any of the missile launchers should even have a gunner view in honesty due to how the artillery computer works.

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Hello there! 

I have a question about shells, used by M777. 

The problem is, M982 Excalibur not really differs from standard HE shell in terms of accuracy. 

Maybe I use it wrong? I just pick a point via ballistics computer and shoot. 

Same question is about M712, when  targeted by AR-2 laser, I also see no effect in comparison with RHS M109A6 M712, which has pinpoint accuracy. 

I tested both on CUP Chernarus, distance is about 14 km(8, 700 miles) 

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