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Connecting Failed - Dedicated Server

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I have a dedicated server running on Windows 2016 server that's hosted in a data center (1 GB line and all not some little server I'm running on my own personal computer). All of my friends can direct connect to the server just fine, but when I enter the IP address it doesn't come up. If I click on the friend's tab I see my server but when connecting it comes back with "Connecting failed." - not very descriptive (BIS please make your error messages more intuitive). The interesting thing is that one of the people I play with is my roommate and he's on the same network, plugged into the same router and he has no problems. Even if he's not connected to the server I cant see it.




The weird thing is this has been happening for a few weeks. The first time it happened, I revalidated my game files integrities and could join once but then never again. I just got a new SSD and reinstalled windows from scratch which I thought would for sure fix the issue but its still happening :dontgetit:


I have also confirmed that the version number of Arma that my roommate is identical to mine. I also have all the same mods as him.


I have turned off both my antimalware (Malware Bytes) and turned off my public/private windows firewall to see if that alleviated the problem but it didn't.


I have switched between ethernet and wireless to see if that is the issue - nope.


Any ideas because I haven't been able to join my server for 3 weeks? I know this topic has been discussed here before but none of the posts worked for me or were even resolved.

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