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What new puzzles or features would you like to see in the game? Leave us your feedback about the game, the Bohemia Incubator website and forum.

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Hi Laurent


Struggling to remember what I wanted to suggest. I posted this so hope the forum works now.




Now,I remember. But in short, I don't have VR and was using the game with mouse and keyboard.

Could I suggest the rotate icons , bottom left and right stay at the bottom left and right when you zoom in. It's kind of cumbersome to want to rotate quickly and have to zoom out to do it.


And also I created created the bridge in the second puzzle 'upright' Like I would in real life and it would not register as complete. Reason after a very long time of exactly lining up all pieces on the boards squares and minutely adjusting every piece to be Milli-metre perfect that I tried lying it flat on the board. The picture on the right insinuated that it should be made upright. Maybe some visual queues of shadows on the examples might help.


Nice piano music  by the way


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Hi Pyelot, thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!


I understand your concern regarding the implementation of the zoom mechanic; a seamless control system is something we're constantly working on and wish to improve in the future.


As for the illustration of the puzzle to build, we're also thinking of solutions to clearly specify the orientation in the most obvious way for the player. Visual hints are part of our reflection.


As I'm here, let me invite you to try the implementation of the gamepad that we just published.


Thanks again for your comments,


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First of all, Project Lucie is one of the best puzzle games I've played. However, it is too short so I hope that the story will be improved. 

I played it with my PC because I have no Oculus or HTC Vive, but I imagine that the game should be even better with a helmet.


Then, I already translated Ylands for my language (I'm French), so maybe I could help you to translate the game in French. :D




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