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[Feature Request] BankRev - Extract Specific Filetypes

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Feature Request

What I would like to see is additional functionality in BankRev to extract a list of file types rather than extracting everything.


Example: bankrev.exe -f myPbo.pbo --types="cpp,sqf". The result would  the entire folder structure would be extracted as well as only cpp and SQF files out of myPbo.pbo. All other files, like .ogg and .p3d files, would not be extracted.


"But Why?"

This would be useful for getting config functions and SQF script files to aid in IDE assists. Instead of waiting 10 minutes to extract one 4GB PBO and deleting everything you don't want, you can skip the data of non-exported file types. Besides just getting SQF files and config.cpp files, you could also just get models or sound files. This would also automatically reduce the disk space needed to extract what you want out of the PBOs.


Also, there are already attempts to read PBO's without extracting the data made by the community. I personally would prefer official support of it or this requested compromise for security and compatibility reasons. I don't feel like distributing a DLL when I have no idea what's in it or where it came from.



This is more of a convenience feature than something that really needs to be done. If it was implemented though, I would be very grateful.



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