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A serious question about dev-heaven


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  1. 1. Would you be interested in new dev-heaven?

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recently, dev-heaven was after years shut down. 


I have plenty of unused space and resources on my server, so my question is, would the community be interested in new dev-heaven, for project hosting, wikis, issue trackers, git repos, et cetera?


And if so, what system should be implemented there?


The server is located in Czech republic, with conectivity to Czech NIX, Slovakia SIX and transit to Germany.

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do you mean from scratch or reimporting the old DH DB (aside from large files and repos i guess)


that said there is good alternatives these days like gitlab, github and a few free redmine hosting options

so i guess the main question is what you want to or think to achieve with this


on general obstacle was that most average modders found both the redmine interface and git/svn use too complex


maybe your server could be of use by other means - did you think about this yet?

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I wasn't particulary thinking about Redmine because I too think that it's too complex, besides it requires RoR to run, and that is not implemented yet on the server.


As to what I want to achieve, I'm still finding plenty of non-working links to old dev-heaven, and no replacement available, so I guess I just want to help the community, for free of course.

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