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Civilian Agents and/or Behaviour

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So with the latest release of Arma, and the new CIV modules, I wanted to look into further enhancing my mission MOD that populates CIV units.  I'm thinking the AGENTs may help performance, but have a couple questions I don't know if would work in my mission design.


In my mission, the CIVs play the following roles:

1. They have addactions in some cases

2. They have waypoints assigned to travel from building to building (for ambient affect)

3. They can be spawned as enemy threats

4. They play animations


I know agent types have some limited functionality to them.  I'm just not sure with the mentioned features, if Agents would really be the way to go for my MOD.


In addition, i like the civilian behavior they added to the latest patch, but cannot find how i may implement that into my mission on the civilian units.  Found the following, but not as simple as just adding it to the units INIT code...: 

_ID = _unit execFSM "A3\Modules_F_Tacops\Ambient\CivilianPresence\FSM\behavior.fsm";


Because of the roles above, I still need control over spawning and adding code to each unit, so using the modules, or scripting them would not work for me.



Thanks for all your help as always.

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Addactions should work fine,

for the waypoints you'd need to replace them with moveTo or setDestination commands, pathfinding will still allow them to move within buildings.

Enemy threats not so much since the entire targeting/firing stuff doesn't happen on agents, you'd need to spawn a regular unit for that.

Animations are working fine on agents.


On an experiment of mine I could run up to 300 agents within vicinity of the player, all following basic animation/movement and engaging in randomly generated conversations to somewhat emulate civilian life in a small town.

300 seemed to be the limit back then (on n'ziwasogo and takistan, tanoa was around 220) since the GPU memory filled up my gtx 770 pretty well. Wonder what my new 1080 might do.


No idea how spawning or scripting would not work, since you have to spawn agents, there's no way to place agent infantry units in the editor.




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