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Need someone from Hungary or Bulgaria to take photographs of camouflage in real life

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I am working on some textures for a Cold War-era mod. Two of the countries that I am trying to represent are Hungary and Bulgaria. I have no good reference image from which to make the camouflage. I can only find bad, distant, fuzzy, low resolution or incomplete images.


I need photographs taken of three camouflage patterns that are popular and widespread in Hungary and Bulgaria.


  1. M1949 (Hungary)
  2. M1949/82 (Hungary)
  3. 1979 Splinter (Bulgaria)


I'll also take an image of early Bulgarian splinter (Before the rain component was added) if you have access to it.


The photographs need to be taken at a 90 degree angle with no flash in a well-lit room.


I can't offer any money, but I can put your name in the credits of the mod.

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