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Okay so I posted this on the Altis Life forums and apparently nobody knows what might cause the issue as you can see here. Yesterday it worked perfectly fine everything that was meant to appear like, the shop, the market etc appeared in the scroll box. This evening when I went to log on, this is what ended up happening. I can still access the shops but I'm literally blind selecting, the box doesn't extend. The only thing I did last night was to add a new mine and I added it to the stringtable, I looked in the stringtable but there's nothing out of place in what I added, everything is exactly the same. This happened on 5.0 but I reverted to 4.4r3 of Altis Life because I just couldn't find the issue and now it's happening again. I'm going to remove everything I added yesterday and see if it resolves the problem but I want to get ahead of the incoming frustration and anger.


If you have any hints or suggestions I'm open to it.



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