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45th anniversary of Apollo 17 - last manned mission to the Moon

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It's 45 years since homo sapiens left that lump of rock orbiting our planet and called Moon. On this occasion we can listen to this real-time recording of communications beween Apollo 17 and Mission Control Center. I hope you guys will find it as interesting as I do. You can click on yellow T-Minus 1M button to hear what happened at the mission launch (December 7, 1972), or click Now button and hear what happened exactly 45 years ago (at the time of writing this post, crew is currently sleeping on the 4th day of the mission). Have fun!


As a bonus: similiar presentation of Apollo 11 lunar descend. Gene Kranz, Fligh Director during Apollo 11 landing phase, is the same guy who was Flight Director during Apollo 13 mission when spacecraft suffered damage. He was played by Ed Harris in 1995 movie Apollo 13.

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