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How do I properly reference the object that called a waypoint's "on activation"?

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Hi all,


I'm trying to do something simple in the editor.


- Have a drone fly to a point indicated by a waypoint

- Once it arrives at the waypoint, have it drop leaflets.

I know this is done by using the fire command. I would like to use something like 

this fire "Bomb_Leaflets";

in the "on activation" call for a waypoint, so that I don't have to have a variable name for each one of the drones I launch ( Would be nice to be able to put this functionality into a script that I can use repeatedly).


The problem is that this obviously isn't working, and upon checking the name of the object with

hint format ["waypoint completed, this is: %1, this name is %2", this, name this];

The result is either, with no variable name given to the object, "this is R Alpha 1-1:1" or if I give a variable name to the drone it attaches a capital D to the end of the variable name, as in: "this is {variable name of the drone}D". The name of the drone each time (name this) prints out as "Jeremy Wilson".


Any help is appreciated, and sorry if this is a very basic thing, but I cannot find the answers to this for the life of me.

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D is for driver (added by Arma's engine). Anyway, this , in a waypoint completion field, <this> means "leader". If you have something to do with the group, just write: group this, and if you need to refer to the vehicle, just write: vehicle this ... 

Check also the syntax of the command you are using. Fire doesn't work like this.

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