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Changing script to work in Debug Console with create3DENEntity

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I currently have this script (https://pastebin.com/A1eXSFDA) that places a rectangle on each house in the house array, makes it the size of its bounding box and gives it a name M%1. This script works in debug console to add markers but these disappear on mission start


This is to work with BMR insurgency and it causes a few problems that the grids are generated every time on mission start. So I was wondering if I could make the grids in 3den using the debug console and create3DENEntity.


I've found this script (https://pastebin.com/SURPRMSL) which adds a mil_dot on every building you list however I can't seem to combine the scripts to where I get the results of the first script created within the 3den editor.


I'm currently scrambling around this this (https://pastebin.com/yeGBE2L1) but it's not really working.


Any help would be great

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