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Problem launching Disintegration Point mission

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I preordered the TacOps DLC and now that it has come out I am really enjoying it. However I am having trouble trying to play the Disintegration mission. Every time I try and launch it it instead plays the previous Fiat Acompli. Fiat Acompli shows that it has been completed and Disintegration point gives me an option to resume or revert - both instead launch Fiat Acompli from the beginning. 

If I play right through Fiat Acompli it will then continue into Disintegration point but if I save and leave for any reason, or if I try and replay it by launching from the campaign menu it goes back to the beginning of Fiat.


I am not playing the developers build and my game is fully up to date. None of the other missions are giving me this problem.


Thanks in Advance. 

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