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Dj Rolnik

Markers visible only to one player

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Hello there,


I am looking for a solution that would allow me to create markers which would be visible only to specific players.

The idea is that a 2-man recon team picks up two maps (one for each of them) and this makes the markers appear to those players. I know how to make the markers appear upon picking up the object (setMarkerAlpha) but am unsure how to make those markers visible only to the person who picked up the map.


Ok, just after posting this I figured that there may be something more than SetMarkerAlpha and indeed there is: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerAlphaLocal

I will try it on my own then but if you think this is not the right solution, or there is a different way of doing this, please give me a shout.


Thanks a lot,


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You need to remoteExec that on the specific players:


["yourMarker",0.7] remoteExec ["setMarkerAlphaLocal", <array of players here>];


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