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How would I write a new config to change some vehicle characteristics?

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Hey there,

Would anyone be able to inform me as to how I'd do this? I want to adjust the flight model characteristics of some of the base game aircraft, but I am unsure how to write a config to replace the values I want to replace, without having to change the original config and just repack that back into the vanilla game files. I want this to be an independent addon/adjustment. 



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Hi,  check the character And gear guide sticky topic in this forum. That’ll give you a flavour of the config structure, class hierarchy, and the files required to complete n add on. Instead of the examples where a new item is created from a base class you can just amend the base class. Packaging the files, using add on builder of Arma tools is another topic and I suggest you look at some YouTube videos as starter.


For aircraft specific config stuff, check this out https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/A3_CfgVehicles_Plane_class_config_reference


Not a direct answer but hopefully enough to get you looking before someone who knows more comes along

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