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Police Database Program (Need Suggestions)

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I am currently working on a police database program that will run as an independent program meaning that is no a mod for Arma 3. I am hoping it will be used in Arma 3 Life communities that do Police, Civilian, and Criminal Role Play.


I am looking to the Arma 3 Community to get different suggestions from different people about what I should have in the program.


Just some information.


  • Uses an Online Database for ease of access and operations on multiple computers. 
  • A login system that will provide separate logins for each member of your police force to restrict and permit access to certain functions in the program. 
  • A history search that will provide a great system to bring up peoples past history
  • A ticket and citation system that allows you to keep track of peoples past history in conjunction with the history search



and there are many more possibilities to add with the help of the Arma 3 Community.


If you have any ideas that you might think beneficial to add to this program please feel free to let me know.


Thank you for taking an interest.

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