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[16+][NA] 1st Ranger Battalion - Realism Unit - Recruiting Page

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The 1st Ranger Battalion is not new to the ArmA scene. The 1st Ranger Battalion has been around since late 2013 and has been in the community for 3 years until switching the unit to the 509th PIR. The 1stRB has been revived from the original founder. The 1stRB strives to be a Milsim environment for players to enjoy and have a great Milsim experience. The 1stRB provides weekend operations and training on Friday's and Saturday's. Friday nights being training and Saturday nights being private unit operations which is organized and executed like real world operations. The 1st Ranger Battalion is not a place for every one though, we like members to maintain a mature attitude and follow unit SOP's when in unit events. The 1stRB also enforces discipline upon its members, to keep the organization in top notch condition and keep a good public image.


The 1st Ranger Battalion will be operating just like the real Ranger Battalion in the U.S Army. We will be conducting different raids, patrols, assaults and even some defense objectives. The objectives can vary from High Value Target take downs, hostage rescue, intel gathering, capture and more. Our missions will be ran as a campaign and the outcome of each mission will vary on how we do. Most of our missions will be using an addon called ALiVE, which allows a dynamic mission to be played and progress to be saved, we do not use Zeus or MCC in our missions against our own troops, so don't expect any sort of heavy PvP.


The 1st Ranger Battalion provides multiple training courses to help our members gain the knowledge and be able to coordinate and work with each other in the field. These training courses will provide basic knowledge for the unit when operating in the field. It is mandatory for every member to go through the necessary training depending on the MOS they have chose.


The 1st Ranger Battalion operates on Friday's for training and Saturday's for deployments/operations. Each official unit event will be based of U.S Pacific Standard Time. Every official event will be scheduled at 4pm PST.


Promotional Video:




11B Infantryman - High Demand

68W Combat Medic - High Demand

12B Combat Engineer "Sapper" - Medium Demand


19K Armored Crewman - Low Demand


11(X) - Low Demand




- Members 16+ years of age (Cadet program for those below 16 years)

- Members with a good attitude.

- Mature and responsible members.

- Respectful members.

- Honest members.

- Members with good unit activity.

- Members willing to follow orders/commands.

- Members who work as a team.

- Members who follow the 7 core army values. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.




- U.S Army rank structure.

- Roles and duties per rank.

- Training and deployments.

- Disciplinary actions (No in-game push-ups or running etc. Article 15's 3 strike rule.)

- Organized departments and squads.

- Each member assigned to a fire team and squad.

- Organized operations and briefings.


On deploy and in the field we play and act as a realism unit, no messing around. Off deploy and training, we play other games, still keeping our level of realism within and without the Teamspeak and other games, Chain of Command and rank structure still applies.




BCT (Basic Combat Training)

Mandatory training for everyone


AICT (Advanced Infantry Combat Training)

Mandatory training for infantry


ACCT (Advanced Crewman Combat Training)

Mandatory training for crewman


AACT (Advanced Aviation Combat Training)

Mandatory training for pilots


Airborne School

Tied in with AICT


Leadership Course

Optional (Required for team leads and above)


We take training to a serious matter. We expect all members by 1-2 weeks to be have BCT completed. AIT is a infantry ONLY course, Pilots and Armored Crewman don't need AIT.




For more information about the 1st Ranger Battalion, please look into joining our teamspeak.



To enlist with us or for more information, check out our forums.

Forums: http://www.1strb.us


For videos of the 1st Ranger Battalion in action, check out our YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4NrbAhqnRFsGUwu3Z90Xw




Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment page, we look forward to seeing you with us.


LTC. Drifter

"Commanding Officer"

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Unit Update:

Cadet program opened. The 1st Ranger Battalion cadet program will allow younger members from ages 14 and 15 to enlist with the unit. Being part of the cadet program means that those members will only be able to reach certain ranks and certain abilities until they have met the age of 16. Cadets can only enlist as infantry as of now, however in infantry they may choose from infantry roles, Rifleman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman, they may also choose from Sappers (Combat Engineers) or Medics. Cadets will only be able to make it to Private First Class (PFC), which is a member that has completed all mandatory training, Basic Combat Training and Advanced Combat Training. Cadets will be under close watch due to age and possible maturity levels.


Reserves program opened. The 1st Ranger Battalion reserves has opened and will allow members who cannot fully attend official unit events on Friday's and Saturday's to still be part of this unit and attend events when they can, however, every reserve member must check in at least once every month, if check ins are not made, the member maybe discharged from the unit.


For more questions or enlistment, view our forums or jump on our Teamspeak stated above in the main topic.

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Unit Update:

- Live streams of every Saturday during operation will be provided and uploaded for players to see how the 1st Ranger Battalion operates. https://www.twitch.tv/envyhd

- New campaign started, Operation Black Phantom on Beketov.

- Looking for dedicated members willing to step into the leadership roles in the future, although every member still goes through the respective training just like anyone else.

- Joint mini operations with other units, including 509PIR. New scenarios almost every Friday and Sunday.

- S-Shops opening up.

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