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QWENCH - RP (role play) generic server

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QWENCH Version 0.1

Git: https://github.com/code34/qwench.altis



I tried yesterday to look at how Altis Life worked and start cleaning the repository. There was so much to clean up, useless code or insane trick, db management issues, and so on I have not seen yet, that finally this morning, I throw the sponge because I think it would be much easier to create a new generic server with generic tools that I have already made available to the community under the GPL license.

My goal is to provide the server-side minimum required to allow anyone who wants to create RP servers (role play) to start in minutes and develop / modder directly what interests them. Do not think that it will do the work for you. The goal is to provide more efficient orders for coding good RP

Basically the common base will translate like that, finally was the first idea that I have:
- a ready-to-use module that manages the database. Dev just has to install extdb3, insert his credentials into a config file, and he can immediately use the server-side database through SQL queries
- a message bus module that will manage all the exchanges between the clients and the server and minimize all the code to produce to do that. Client will be able to call functions on the server as if they were local (oo_bme)

- no bullshit, just the minimun to do the job


If you have ideas, or even share my vision, do not hesitate to show up, we may be doing great things together. I do not do it for money, for women, or for glory. If this project does not interest anyone, I would stop to focus on other developments, there is so much to do.


Thanks to the google translator for his help, I must say that the language is a real obstacle to the sharing of ideas and that it is complicated to give as much as one would like.

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any feedbacks about this are welcome :D


I will try this next days with a altis life developper tester. If you want to try also let me know.

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As I had previously announced the project QWENCH is currently suspended because no one has really shown interest in using it, which I understand perfectly.

By cons, I have a direct interest for me to use it on my new project. Qwench will be used in Cubeworld (another game that I develop) or may be the other way around because I do not know who will eat who.

Do not hesitate if you need additional information or support, because QWENCH is already functional and allows you to launch projects.


Just push the version 0.1 to master:


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