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Writing a repair and refueling script for mission using RickB's items

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Hello everyone, I am a long time Arma player who's finally decided the time has come to dip my toes into the vast pool that is scripting in Arma 3. I have a very rudimentary knowledge of programming in Arma 3. I am currently making a post-apocalyptic S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-esq mission and I need to make a code that can salvage the wheels off of damaged vehicles and replace them on other vehicles. I would also like to be able to transfer fuel from one vehicle to another via a siphon script. Now as I said my knowledge of such things is very limited but I surmised that if I took an array of all of the "Wheel" based hit points, and counted the ones who's damage was within an acceptable level, I could then set their hitpoint values to 1 in order to simulate their removal. Then I would devise some sort of code to add those items to the players inventory or if they were missing adequate space, to place them on the ground. I would like to use RickB's items for this task as he has already made both tire and fuel items. It might be asking a lot but I would also wish the player to have some sort of toolkit in order to accomplish the tire harvesting and replacement. I am aware of the Ravage mod, however the module for doing such initializes before my script that spawns in random vehicles so it will not work. I wish to make a more standalone script as to permit its use within a variety of missions. Thank you for your time and help in advance.

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