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Help Config Sensors New Plane

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Hi all guys! First of all, I hope to be writing in the right place. Secondly, I must say that I'm totally new to writing a config on my own, I looked for tutorials and guides and I mostly "studied", let's say, on configs of other mods. Now, my intention is to create a new black wasp II very similar to the jets dlc's one, same model, textures etc. but with the anti radiation sensors of the wipeout, just to give sead capabilities to 2035 US Navy. I've succsessfully written the config for the vehicle. Now when i try it out, all works perfectly, i can detect enemy AA on the radar of the plane and I can also lock them on and shoot them. Nevertheless, while for example with firewill f-16 squares appear on the detected targets when looking through the targeting camera, this doesn't happen with vanilla planes and with my black wasp SEAD as far as i checked.  Does anyone have any idea on what the solution could be?


NOTE: I'm using SEAD missiles by VTI on vanilla planes and on my plane.

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