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Will this computer smoothly run Arma 3?I

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I am looking for a laptop that will run arma three this one I found probably won't run it well but you never know. The link to the amazon page is https://www.amazon.com/Performance-A12-9720P-processor-Bluetooth-Platinum/dp/B074WFZJ1D/ref=sr_1_14?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1510540602&sr=1-14&keywords=gaming+laptop. If you could reply to this telling me if it is good enough to run the game I would greatly appreciate it.

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A 300 bucks  laptop with a 2.7Ghz AMD for arma?

300+ would be a starter budget for a CPU if you want to have a good time in arma.



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Beside that most Desktop PCs have a hard time running Arma 3 smoothly (with mods, online), I wouldn't bet anything that a 500 bucks Laptop will.
With Arma 3 its all about CPU and RAM. I can see that my 8GB RAM are not enough. 

So short answer: No I don't think so. 

Obviously, it always depends on what you want? Do you want ultra Graphics in multiplayer without lags and mods? - No. Are you okay with Lags, 20 or less FPS and low graphics settings? - Maybe!

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       @WiseGamer27 Hi, Welcome to Bis forums!

If your buying solely to play Arma3 then imo save more money and get a decent desktop pc, theres good deals for $700 and under but they come and go.

Arma3 is a demanding game, i think you should take your time and learn about what the game requires to be playable, if you want 50+fps then you may have to cough

up some more money depends.


I also suggest not rushing to buy a laptop or a computer just so you can get the game and get your 30 minute high, the game dont play like call of duty, or other fps's, Arma3 is a different monster,

it has a high learning curve, and a higher hardware demand, for such people that take that step to get involved best you consider it an investment of your time, and with that time you would want

to be getting the best experience possible, save your money so you can buy that computer/laptop that will run arma3 and allow you to get decent performance while also looking great too.


      I will give you an idea based on my previous computer what type of fps and overall performance i had:

my previous specs were:

- Win 7 64bit

- Intel Celeron G530 2.40ghz (duel core)

- Gskill 8gb ram 1600mhz

- Nvidia Geforce GTX 750Ti

- WD HDD (hard drive) 1 TB (one Terabyte)

- EVGA Power supply 850watt


with those specs i averaged 30-35fps sometimes 40 depending on the map, and mission i was playing, most times i was playing at 30fps.

All my settings were at the lowest or turned off, except maybe the textures which was set to normal.


My new specs are in my sig, with those i get 80+ fps all the time with max settings! 

These specs cost me about $2,400, why would i pay that much? because i've invested myself into the community and into the game,

this is my home game, everything else is for shits and giggles. But I saved for 2 months to afford all the parts to get the best i can for what i had, i was sick of duel core, low specs, shit performance,

so at the end of the day it comes down to you and your time and what your playing with.

     Imo and lastly i suggest you save, research, learn about what will work and what wont, and im not saying you arent, but just pasting links to laptops asking the same questions is not thorough research,

learn about what your getting into, goes with anything in life really that you plan to purchase, and were not talking snicker bars here.


Lastly if you want answers use this thread, where your supposed to be asking questions about computers anyways


Theres a few guys there that really know how arma3 runs and what computer/laptop runs best and or what will run best for arma3, they've helped me get me the specs i have but then again i did wait

and save and did alot of research in the meantime, so take your time, do your due diligence and do it right. Best of luck.



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Following good ole gunters example here's the specs my rig had when arma 3 came out:

Intel i7-920 @4Ghz

8gb RAM

evga GTX 570


This was barely enough to get 30fps at medium settings.

Upgraded around may 2013 to this:

Intel i7-4770k @4.6Ghz

16gb RAM

evga GTX 770


Was running decent until tanoa came out and earlier this year my GTX770 died, so I upgraded once again to a GTX 1080 with the rest of the rig remaining the same.

Now I'm running SP missions with 200% supersampling on ultra with fps barely dropping below 50.



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