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[GForm] [Opinion] Give your opinion for a new gamemode!

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Hello! I have been a roleplay modder for quite some time already (since 2013), and now I am developing my own roleplay framework. I am trying to achieve the feeling of it being a standalone game inside the A3 platform and breaking the conventions inside the current RP Armaverse with new features and game mechanics. Since there's doubt on which features implement, I have decided that it is better to directly ask the community on their opinion. So, if you could spare a few minutes to answer a few questions, it would help me a great deal!


Link to get Google Form:  Google Forms


You can also give us feedback here at this post, and we will answer as shortly as posible.


Again, thank you for your time!

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Nice Idea you have, but in my mind it comes a bit late, since big parts of the life community left the game (and some of them would never touch it again)...


Player driven economics and politics are great, but it needs a lot of peoples to run such system, so a hybrid would be good i guess. Some basic things need to be sold or bought by npc's.


But there should also be a crafting system, so you could produce weapons and other usefull things and trade with them.

Crafting should be avaible via Blueprints, some of them could be freely avaible in a public library and some of them need to be bought in book stores.

On most crafting systems I'd seen, there where mostly weapons and tools, sometimes vehicles but never Clothing.

You could produce clothing for normal players, rich players, public services (police, emt etc) and rebels.


I have more ideas, but don't want to write to much ;D

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Yes! I know this project comes late, but as any game people leave if there is no new content. In the RPG spectrum of the Armaverse is even more complicated, because people have stopped playing when RP became mainstream and the community went toxic. This is why there probably will be a 2-tier system (this is an idea, but might go well). A demo mode in a public server where you could try most of the features without downloading anything (trying to target a 20 hours gameplay worth until maxed out), and a private server version with all the actual content. The prior would be a little more open in RP aspects, whilst the later will be highly enforced RP.


This tries to bring some fresh air into the armaverse. I am focusing in giving a sense of a new game instead of a game mode (trying to meet Premium DLC quality standards without making it a DLC).


About the bulk of the economics, the good thing of the current design is that we can you add to stock if not enough players get the resources through a few simple scripts. It would be lost work in the coding area, but its a feature that I personally want to be (at least) tried by someone.


About crafting, I am bringing the Eve system to Arma, somewhat. There might be blueprints, but the target is that every usable item is manufactured by a player (with the right skills) in a factory. Economic growth comes from optimization, bulk economics and knowing what you are doing. The view behind thsis is to see what is real value items have, as each individual item in the intermediate steps between ore yield and a SUV can be sold at any price (by sold I mean posting a "Sell Order" and hope someone bites).


And as for last, thank for you feedback! I do take into account all the input I am getting through the GForm and other media. Feel free to gives us as many ideas as you want!

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