Well, after 5 months i finished this project, was a long way and was hard, but glad of what i have achieved. This could not have been completed without Marcin Szałek (Shelter for other ppl), so, thank you for your help. The information displayed next can be found inside the .rar file; FEATURES:   Red Hammer 2: 
-All missions from scratch.
-27 missions
-17 Cutscenes (w/o count the start scenes in the actual missions)
-Easter Eggs in several missions.
1- Guba: Playable.
2- Colonel Eusev (Regular Army): No Playable, controllable.
3- Major Doskij (Spetsnaz): No Playable, controllable.
4- Captain Kornikov (Air Force): Playable.
5- Lieutenant Lukin (Spetsnaz): Playable.
6-Lieutenant Volkov (Cavalry): Playable
7-Lieutenant Dukov (VDV): Playable
8-Sergeant Vasilev (Spetsnaz): No Playable, controllable.
9-Sergeant Ivanov (Spetsnaz): No Playable, controllable.
10-Sergeant Rebrov (Spetsnaz): No Playable, controllable.
-Missions type:
A-Infantry Missions: 15 missions
B-Tank Missions: 2 missions
C-Air Missions: 4 missions
-Spanish & English (Polish is not available for now)     Resistance Remastered: 
-Scenes glitches fixed.
-New ending
-All missions/cutscenes modified.
-New equipment (weapons) 
-New vehicles (tanks and cars in missions) 
-Fixed spanish subtitles in some missions. 
-Callsings are now showed properly; ex: BlackWood, Tiger, Hawk.
-English, French, Italian, Spanish & German.     Red Hammer Remastered:
-All missions/cutscenes modified.
-Fixed the time btw dialogues. 
-Fixed glitches.
-Add 1 easter egg. 
-Add 1 mission
-Removed 2 missions. 
-Changed the final of 1 mission. 
-Some briefings from missions are only available in Spanish & English. Too much to translate to make Italian, French and German. Sorry. 
-Fixed spanish subtitles in some missions. 
-New intros has been added.
-Callsings are now showed properly; ex: Eagle, Roman, Ivan.
-English, French, Italian, Spanish & German.     1985 - Cold War Crisis Remastered: 
-All missions/cutscenes modified.
-Fixed all glitches (like the chat in the tower of the castle btw David and the leader of the resistance).
-Changed 1 end of a scene.
-Changed several endings of missions.
-Added a new cutscene
-New equipment (weapons)
-New objetives in missions (some missions)
-Fixed problems related with view distance (the original campaign was developed to be played under 500ms, playing with 1k or more will destroy friendlies units or make your fail the mission)
-Added 1 easter egg.
-Callsings are now showed properly; ex: NATO Command, HOUDAN Command, November, SwordFish.
-English, French, Italian, Spanish & German.   Extra Comment: The only version compatible with the campaigns is 1.99 (others can give you glitchs as fuck) , you will need 2 addons as well (voicerh and editor102) these 2 does not affect your gameplay, both in the .rar. 
Other thing, play the campaign WITHOUT MODS/ADDONS THAT MODIFIES THE GAMEPLAY, animations, effects, AI enhancement can ruin the experience and make you fail objetives or missions.
Also, play in cadet, veteran will stuck you because the waypoints are not showed.   DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3vohaod1sd8u77n/RH2+Project+RELEASE+Day+6+Month+11+Year+2017+.rar