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CPL_H. Baker

4th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion

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• Who are we?
4th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion are a developing ArmA 3 community who follow the layout and style of present day United States Army by using a varying set of mods to enhance our experience and create a realistic environment. Our community is made up of like-minded individuals, who wish to play ArmA 3 together in a well-structured and professional environment.

• What do we do?
We stick as closely, as is realistically possible in ArmA 3, to the United States Army in our layout, procedure and play-style. This includes our training, operations and administration. Our goal is to provide members with a well-structured, professional and enjoyable experience which they will want to return to each time.

• When do we play?
We host a variety of events, although our main event is hosted on Friday, and Saturday we get on the server at 7:00 EST and begin at 8:00 EST. We host a third event on Sundays, Where we do Troop Training, We get on the server at 3:00 EST and again, begin at 3:45 EST.


• What positions are open?

 Infantry: Rifleman, AT Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier Rifleman, and NCO Positions.

16th CAB (opening soon) Pilot, Door Gunner, Copilot, Crewman, Emergency Medical Team.

75th Rangers (Invitation Only) Special Forces Operator

• What are the requirements?

Understand Chain of Command

Understand rank comes under experience, training, and time being in the Milsim.
Be mature
Own a working valid copy of ArmA 3.
Own a working Microphone.

• How do I join or make enquiries?

Teamspeak: http://ts27.gameservers.com:9175


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