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Real Sound F-16 Fighting Falcon | Official Release

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It is finally here, ladies and gentleman!


After several months of waiting, implementing and overhauling - the sound mod for Firewill's F-16C/D Fighting Falcon is now in v1.0!  Whoo hoo! 


To celebrate, I made a short video showcasing a taste of what it's like in-game. Huge shout out to the Air Combat Command guys (Dogs, Haze, Fett and Bomb) for helping me out with filming and MP testing.  Also a big shout out to Laxemann, who helped me understand a few things about the new audio system and answered all of my questions.


Here it is!



There's been a LOT done to this aircraft since the initial video I released in October, which showcased what I've been working on, but the end result is an improvement I never thought we could make. A changelog is available below, if you're into that sort of thing.

One thing that I'm still trying to get working is the low-pass filters and new stereo processors for use with this and future aircraft sound mods, it's on the wishlist - hopefully I can add it in a patch later down the road if we ever figure it out.


Oh yeah, this will also be available for download on the ArmA 3 Workshop!  This is a huge milestone for me and Shazer, so why not give this mod the full treatment? ;)


Major features overview:


  • Implemented several new soundsets to the aircraft
  • Much more realistic interior
  • Clearer / better sound samples for exterior




If you encounter any other bugs, issues or have feedback that I would find constructive - please share it below or send me a message.




Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=1193740840

ArmAHolic: Coming Soon

Google Drive: Server 1




* This mod requires Firewill's F-16C/D Fighting Falcon mod, available on ArmAholic and the Steam Workshop.



Known issues:

- Sometimes the plane is silent when flying over, think this is an ArmA scripting issue.


- Change pitch of idle based on throttle inputs (not sure how to do this)
- Get distance filters to work properly (buggy, issues with implementing)
- Stereo processors implementation (same as ^)





- Increase volume on nearly all exterior samples
- Tweaked shutdown/startup volumes.


- Fixed exterior shutdown sequence not working properly (incorrect file format)
- Exterior idle_distant sample was not correctly defined.

- Successfully implement all new Jets DLC soundSets and Shaders
- New idle samples
- All new interior samples
- New close proximity rear forsage (afterburner) sound
- Low throttle distance sound
- Frontal approach sound
- Custom ranges set for some samples
- New customized filters for current and future releases
- Cleaned up config, new separated shader/set files
- Interior / exterior idle volume increase
- Eliminate noticeable exterior idle loop int/ext (0.7.8)
- Mid-throttle sound for close proximity
- New full throttle sounds (distance and forsage)
- Implement "D" variant into config.
- A lot of tweaks and fixes I can't fully list


v0.4 (10-2017)
- Implement shaders / sets into aircraft config.
- Initial sound adjustments


v0.2 (02-2016)
- Firewill's F-16C varient release
- Overhaul of all sound files
- Added actuator sound upon thrust (exterior)
- Added several high/low pass filters to interior for more realism
- Exterior start-up sequence changed
- Idle sound replaced
- Exterior throttle up a/b added
- Eden compatibility
(currently trying to remove Firewill's afterburner scripted sound file as it just ruins the realism, will be added in a hotfix)

v0.1 (04-2015)
- Initial release for USAF Mod.

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Hello mate!


Congratulations on your official release! I've worked on the F-16 for 8 years and I am truly impressed by the work you have done! Really adds the cherry on top to firewills mod!



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