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Capt Steel88

Few Questions for a old timer

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Hi all,


I jave a few questions with the new ARMA3 mission editor, im more used to the OFP old style, but i have been getting through slowly.


I have tried the help function and youtube videos, but i dont seem to be able to find the answer im looking for.


Custom Load outs

So place a player, edit there loadout etc..., for actual players when i start the game this seems to work correctly, however this is only working with actual players, not AI.


For example i give a AI civilian unit a suit but when i start the mission he is in shorts and t-shirts. back in editor he is in his suit etc....Am i missing something here?


Triggers - Text

Back in original OFP, when i player entered a trigger area you could set it to display text, this option is gone in the new ARMA3, how does one go about displaying text set for a specific trigger?



Ok, so i have a few AI that i have placed, there group commander is set, originally there was a selection for individual units for a "Special" stance, where you could set them in formation or not. This is gone also, is there anyway to keep the AI set in there individual place whilst keeping them in formation?


Many thanks



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I'm sure there is a stance option in the Eden editor. You might need to expand some boxes to see it. In the unit of the soldier you want to stop, you can use the following:

this disableAI "MOVE";


As for the loadout for AI... I am guessing randomisation is taking over though I thought this was for headgear, not uniforms.

I cannot help you further as I am away and am typing on mobile device atm.

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