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The 101st Airborne Division - Realism Unit is an ArmA 3 focused milsim community. The unit is based off of the real life 101st Airborne Division. We provide and maintain the best quality of milsim within the limitations of ArmA 3. 




This is a community driven volunteer organization of gamers, military enthusiast, and veterans alike. We provide a professional, interactive and fun environment for milsim, roleplay and content creators. This unit is currently in the active stage of stand up and seeks both leaders and regular members to fill its ranks. Visit our website for sign up details.




Our mission is to continuously build and sustain a milsim community for the players by the players united under one name. Providing a platform under which to achieve multiple goals for both community and personal relations. We strive for and are proud to maintain the highest quality of milsim taken from the core values of our definition of realism within the ArmA universe.




Do you enjoy military simulation and the realism aspects in video gaming? Being apart of a team or leading a team of like minded individuals while enjoying the idea of an organization that values strong bonds and unit cohesion? If so then you should consider joining the 101st Airborne Division - Realism Unit. You will not only be a member that's apart of an organization but you will also be a member who shapes the future of the organization.




  • Army units
  • Air Force units
  • 25+ Ranks
  • 40+ Awards
  • Custom Award Display
  • 14+ Skill Courses
  • Dedicated Server
  • Teamspeak Server
  • Custom mod pack
  • Annual unit events 
  • Plus more!



  • 11B - Infantryman
  • 68W - Healthcare Specialist
  • 153A - Rotary Wing Aviator
  • 11FX - Fighter Pilot
  • 1C4X1 - TACP
  • More coming soon!




Email: fsec.official@gmail.com

Teamspeak: (pass: screamingeagle)

Website: http://www.101stabdrealismunit.net/

Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/101stabd



Thanks for your time and consideration,

P. Dubois [101st] 


Our motto: "Together, we stand as one!"

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