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how to make gun fire water

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am looking to understand how this can be done as i have never done it ,  a basic create gun then add water example will be appreciae it some code that is short so its easy for me to learn from thanks.


i user on this forum posted a video , in the video he has shown a gun firing sheeps lol that was funny and cool.

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Not easy.

Sheep are objects. You can replace projectile by what you want if existing!

Water is not an object. I guess you have to consider particles like fire, smoke...

Some guys have done throwing flame for Unsung mod. I guess you could ask them for some tips. If you don't have any clue how to script, then you should consider this section:





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Fire classname: test_EmptyObjectForFireBig

There isn't one for water. You'll have to use particles as pierremgi said.


EDIT: Just found these:






EDIT 2: i get an error when creating the bubbles and I don't even see them, the smoke and fire work fine.


Not sure if I am doing something wrong or not.


EDIT 3: The module works fine. From under water you can see the effect.

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