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The Unsung Vietnam War Mod 3.0E - Echo Released !!!

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Unsung 3.0 E - Released !!!





The team has done it again the long awaited Echo release is finally here!!!


With the subsequent BI DLC updates including the integration of 64 Bit , it set the mod back longer than anticipated. However due to the hard work and determination of the team most of these obstacles have been finally overcome. Along with countless model updates and enhancements the team is satisfied that it is in a stable condition for release.


And yes there are still plenty of things that need fixing and a few bugs here and there but remember this is a progress update and we will address them as we move forward.


Heres the line up of new and improved Content in Echo:




AK-47 + Variants (New Model)

AKM + Variants (New Model)

China Lake 40mm GL (New Model)

H/R T223

M-1918 BAR (New Model)

M-1919A6 MG

M2 Carbine (New Model)

M2 Carbine (Sawn-Off)

M16A1 (New Birdcage Model)

M1903A1 Springfield

M1A1 Thompson (New Model + New Model VC Version)

Madsen M50

MAS-36 (New Model Original and Paratrooper version + Grenade Launcher)

MAT-49 (New Model + Sidearm + New Suppressor)

Mauser Kar98k

Mauser MG-42


Nambu Type 100

PK LMG (New Model)

Sa. vz 61 Skorpion (Primary + Sidearm)

Shotgun (M12 Trench Gun) (New Model)

M870 Mk1 (New Texture)

SKS-45 Rifle (New Model)

StG-44 (New Model)

Stoner M63 MG (New Model)

Stoner M63 Commando (New Model)

UK vz.59 LMG

Winchester Model 70 (New Model)

XM-177 + Variants (New Model)

M127-A1 Signal Flare

M20 90mm Super Bazooka


Colt Lawman Mk.III (.357)

Colt M1911 + Variants (New Model)

M-2 Carbine (sawn-off /sidearm)

Nagant M1895

S/W Model 10 (.38 Special) (New Model)

S/W Model 10 (.38)

Tokarev TT-33




M-37B1 Dodge ¾ Ton

M-37B1 Dodge ¾ Ton (M1919) (Gun Truck)

M-35A2 Kaiser-Jeep 2½ Ton Truck + Variants

ZIL-157 + Variants

Mi-8 + Variants

Oh-6 Cayuse + Variants

An-2 Colt + Variants

Motor Skiff (red) (Civilian motor boat)

UH-1D/H Variants (Updated weaponry and visuals)



M1919A4 .30cal (Low) (New Model)

STABO Rig (6-man) (may not work in MP)


Explosives & Grenades:

Tripwire Traps

Punji Traps

Claymores (Old Model :( )

Mines (Incendiary, Anti-personnel, M16 Bouncing Betty)

Explosive Satchel

CS Gas (Temporarily Kills until we can optimize script for MP)

New Smoke Grenade Models (White, Yellow, Green, Red, Violet (Purple), Thermate, CS Gas)


Uniforms & Outfits:


PAVN Khaki Uniform Re-texture

VC Main Force Blue Uniform

VC Main Force Green Uniform

US LRP Alice Pack (Backpack)


NVA Assault Pack

NVA RPG Pack (New RPG-7 Models)

US Heli Pilot Helmets

11th ACR

17th ACR

1Cav (Air Mobile)






USMC (Rebel Flag)

US Jet Pilot Helmet

USAF/352nd TFS)

USAF/366th TFW

389th FS


PAVN Boonie (NVA Pin)

PAVN Crew Chief Helmet

PAVN Crew Helmet (Blk)

PAVN Crew Helmet (Tan)

PAVN Tank Commander Helmet

PAVN SSH-40 Helmet

PAVN SSH-60 Helmet

VC Boonie (VC Pin)

VC Boonie Black

VC Boonie Black (VC Pin)

USMC Helmet Art




NVA Goggles


Island Updates:


Da Krong and Doung islands now complete

New brown water added to Doung and Da Krong maps

New lighting, buildings and objects added

New areas including temple ruins added to Da Krong - go find it ;)

New updates to Khe Sanh




Nearly All Sounds Updated and Changed. (Sound tails and sound shaders still not added as yet)

Radio System: Over 2.5 hrs of AFVN radio with real era music and commericals !

Real Combat radio transmissions from the vietnam war Ground & Air Chatter


Some General Fixes:


APEX Dependency on Da Krong and Doung is removed

AI Pilots can now see out of the windshields of the Huey Helicopters

M113 and XM-706 are now properly amphibious

PhysX has been added or tweaked on all vehicles (No more tanks flying!) All boats now also handle correctly

Air to Air Refueling (KA-3B) (Compatible with USAF Air to Air Refueling)

In Virtual Arsenal from Main Menu, DSAI voices have been removed

Many more...




Mig 21 variants

The skies are no longer safe remember check your 6 !!!


Known Issues:


In Zeus and Virtual Arsenal in Multiplayer Game Servers, rug_dsai voices can be heard.

M35 Shadow LOD is quite high, may experience issues on high player count servers with a lot in the scene.

M113s experience getting stuck and rotation in shallow waters of Doung Island.

CS Gas Grenades cause frame drop and/or server lag on Multiplayer.

Not all weapons have perfectly synced sounds and animations. Will be addressed in future updates.


Stop standing around soldier

Grab your shit , Lock n load , your going back in !


Good Luck out there .... Your gonna need it ;)






Non-steam downloads:

Play withSix - https://buff.ly/2zdiS8y
Armaholic - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29948
Arma3Launcher - https://a3launcher.com/

Torrent - http://www.armanam.eu/downloads.html



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We couldn't bring you such a vast amount of content without our horde of talented artists, donors and other helpers and contributors, and most especially, Bohemia Interactive Studios, who shared their sample models with the community over the past few years.
For a full list of authors please read our Credits




You can find the full license in the mod folder, or linked on our website here
Please note that the included license prohibits
- redistribution of the copyrighted content via Steam workshop
- monetization
- reverse engineering, re-hosting and ripping




We value constructive feedback. if you have a question or comment about the Unsung Mod, please post it in the Unsung Steam Group
or at the BI forum here
or visit us on Discord here
You can catch up on Work in Progress here


Dependency and compatibility


The Unsung mod is designed as a standalone full-conversion mod for Arma 3. This release supercedes Delta release and is a complete replacement for it. It should be backwards compatible with missions made for Bravo, Charlie and Delta editions.

Some of the maps use APEX foliage and playing on those maps MAY cause you issues with signed servers if you do not have the APEX DLC.

It is not tested with other mods, and we cannot answer questions about compatibility.
However we have tried to make it work with TFAR, and it probably works alongside ACE, but what works and what does not work with ACE is unknown.

If you have memory crashes using Unsung, especially on the APEX-related maps. Turn down your view distance, and play in 64 bit and test the 3 available memory allocators in the A3 Launcher.




You can play up to 32 player MP persistent missions made by the team here
Or hunt down missions made by the community here




Detailed view of a lot of our kit


Weapons testing with Shermanator


A talky review from OfficiallyLost



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Brilliant! I look forward to playing with all the new goodies and updating my UNSUNG Liberation for public download. Are you guys going to continue to use steam to help push updates?

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Looks like an awesome list of updates, great work.

ps: The download on steam is going to improve the player base a lot, good stuff on working towards that!!

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Guys you are amazing, congratulations  for this excellent work and great contribution to the community, thank you! we are waiting for this

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Thank you so much for the amazing update it looks great, make sure you take a break after this!  :rthumb:

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Absolutely the best Vietnam War mod available for Arma 3....and keeps getting better. Nuff said.


Thanks guys and wish you all the best.

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Well worth all the time and effort, guys. Delta was great fun, but Echo totally blows it away. It`s like a whole new game.


Exhilarating and utterly horrific in equal measures... Welcome to the jungle.

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Wow that's Amazing!

I love you guys!!! :eyeheart::eyeheart::eyeheart:


In download!:icon_cool:


Thanks so much!



Is there any torrent link? I can download faster from work :icon_cool:

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Any chance this'll be hitting Armaholic at all? Looks fantastic!

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Congrats on getting it out the door chaps!

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Echo-ing others, fantastic job folks, will be hosting some events this weekend for my group! We've all been really looking forward to this release!

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Well done all the team. I'm sure it will maintain or surpass the outstanding quality of previous releases.


Looking forward to playing UNSUNG Echo... sometime (don't ask).

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Already love the additions. The Huey's panel is awesome and actually really usable now.


I'm a flyboy, sue me.

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