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Mr H.

Server Rejects Clients for mods that are not activated

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Hi! My team and I had been playing for a while with verifysignatures disabled on our server.
I've decided to reenable signatures check on the server for various reasons but the server behaves strangely.
I have no troubles connecting to it whatsoever but some of my friends are kicked out with the usual message stating that the addons are forbidden.
Trouble is the error message tells them about mods that they do have but ARE NOT activated when they join the server (we've checked and double checked and there's the autoconfigure thingy in the launcher as a 3rd failsafe).
All mods and keys on the server are up to date and we use steam workshop to keep our mods updated.
Contrarily to other players in my team I've changed the !worshop mods directory's location to a different location from the default one which might be why I don not get the error message?
I was also wondering if it was an issue brought by the latest updates of the game since we used to have signatures verification a while back and it worked fine at the time.
For the moment I have disabled signatures on the server but I'd like to have them back.
Has anybody experiences the same issue and found a solution? Is it a known issue?

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the simple fact is that your clients are connecting with addons that you don't host a key for in your root arma keys folder

you need to

1) Look at the rpt files for each client, these will detail their command line params and every addon they are loading

2) Compare the bisigns for your addons with the bisigns for their addons. You will most likely find

..... a) some of them are using a host of clientside addons you do not host

..... b) some of them will be using mismatched versions of addons


This is a typical issue when you don't manage the addon pack for your server yourself.

I use A3sync and sign nearly every addon on our server with a date stamped key.

Clients click a sync button and they have an exact match of what they need, no hunting around steam workshops or having mismatched versions etc

Every time we update the packs, we resign via an automated batch service.

Although this requires more effort from the admin, it massively reduces support calls for addon issues



the keys folder is the whitelist for the addons you allow clients to connect with 

Some mod makers resign their addons every time they update them (This is sensible practice, not all follow this practice). This is why you need to compare their bisigns with your server bisigns

the mission itself defines which addons are required


hope that helps

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I'm sorry but you didn't understand, I know all that but the server doesn't reject mods (or addons) we use, (Some of our mods are homemade and I resign them after every update btw) it rejects addons we have not activated (ticked in the launcher)! This is what puzzles me. It's more like you have a mod in your mod library, you know the mod's forbidden on the server so you deactivate it yet you are kicked off for having this mod...

As for armasync, our modpack is relatively small and I update the server every time a new update is released for one of our mods , since steam automatically updates the workshop mods when you use the vanilla arma launcher it's absolutely seemless for other players hence I really don't see the point in using it.

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