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Special Operations Global Command - VMS [Relaxed Milsim]

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Who we are

Special Operations Global Command (SGC) was officially founded in 2004 based around the Microsoft Flight Simulators, so yes our unit has been around for the past 13 years. As mentioned we were based around MS Flight Sims, then worked our way into America's Army, ArmA 2 and now finally ArmA 3. SGC has recently undergone some modernization before our brass decided to open doors for recruitment.

What is SGC?

The idea behind SGC is to have a collabrative effort from Special Operations Capable (SOC) forces from around the world to work as one main SOC force in a virtual military simulation environment (ArmA 3). This means that all our members have freedom in choosing what SOC force they represent in the unit, they may choose to represent as their own country's SOC force or choose a set of default SOC forces. 

Quick example, one member of the unit represents US Force Recon (Force Recon is a SOC-apable force) and another represents the SAS (UK) (SOC) and so on.

Note: SGC hosts members from all over the world, so we do try and measure an appropriate time for members to attend unit events and operations

SGC hosts unit events and operations on saturdays which last upto 3 hours(approx.)
and are timed according to the seasonal situation of the members. SGC also hosts more relaxed and "casual" fun play missions throughout the week which are free to join at member's will. 

The Zeus for the weekday missions are completely dependent upon interested members with Zeus experience in the unit.


SGC has 3 main elements, namely;

Direct Action Elements (Ground Combat Elements)

Deep/Direct Reconnaissance Elements (Ground Recon Elements)

Aerial Attack and Support Elements (Aerial Attack and Transport Elements)

All of the above mentioned elements are open to new recruits



Must be 16 years or older.

Must own a legitimate copy of Armed Assault 3 (ArmA 3)

Must have a working microphone preferrably of good quality

Must be able to understand and communicate in English

Must have the TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) VoIP client


Contact Information

For more information and solutions to possible questions feel free to contact a Public Relations Officer or a Recruiter on the following medium;

TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) :

Thanks to the people who checked us out and managed to read through from the beginning.

Best Regards,
1stLt. Christmas,
Public Relations Officer, SGC

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