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Michael Becker

online play is suddenly unplayable

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My specs:
GPU: gtx 765m
CPU: i7 4700 @ 2.4 ghz
RAM: 16gb 
windows 10

I have played about 800 hours of ARMA 3 both online and ofline and have had great, fun gameplay with no issues. suddenly within the last 2 week any online servers I join I get about 9 fps up to 15 peak, which is not playable. Ofline I get 50+ fps. This shouldn't be a settings issue or a server issue seeing as though i have play 800 hours without an issue and have tested mulitple servers.

Things I have tried:
-PC resets.
-game cache check.
-disabling mcafee virus protection and real time scanning.
-uninstalled mcafee and disabling windows firewall.
-tried multiple servers (all extreme low fps).
-lowing settings to everything as low as possible (no increase in fps online).
-I have no other issues in any other games online or offline.
-searched the internet for someone that has fixed this, most that have had a matching issued said it was there virus scanner.
-cpu and gpu dont seem to be showing any signs of havning an issue.

Im completely out of ideas.

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