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Martin Prusinski

Sound Problems: Shots/Vehicles only hearable on left earplug..

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i played arma3 now for over 500 hours and never had this issue. 


When i join the game, i can hear the vehicles, steps, shots only on the left ear plug.. the melodies and other stuff is hearable on the right ear plug.


The only thing that changed is, the new GPU GTX1080. I also reseted my computer, installed everything again and still got the problem.

My Headset is connected through USB.

I googled already and tried to solve that problem.. But nothin helped me! No solution out there.

This happens ONLY in ARMA3.. I also play wasteland, GTA5 and stuff and dont have such sound problems there.

Anyone can help me out?

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On 1.11.2017 at 3:35 PM, SpacePilotMax said:

Try to reinstall the headset drivers. I'll add more once I remember exactly how I did it.

Didnt help :/

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Go through the sound settings:

  1. Hit CTRL+R
  2. type: control mmsys.cpl sounds
  3. select active sound device
  4. hit configure
  5. make sure it's set correctly (stereo for stereo headphones)

Also click the properties button and disable all enhancements in the enhancements tab since these just mess around with audio channels/eq whatever,

wonder why this feature is even implemented in windows since it's causing nothing but issues.


Also make sure you don't have some other third party software running that might pan the sound of a single application to one side by accident.

Other than that, no idea since you can't pan sounds from inside arma.



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