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Arvn rescue (1-16 c)

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by Blake[Kyllikki]


Type: Co-op

Side: West (AirCav/Navy SEALs)

Max.Players: 16

Location: SEB Ia Drang Valley

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Size: 570 KB

Mission overview:

A number of ARVN (south-vietnamese army) officers have been captured in recent ambush by a local VC batallion.

To boost ARVN morale, Joint chief-of-staff, South-East Asia, has come up with a plan to free the officers

from P.O.W. camp at Plei The.

6-man SEAL team in patrol craft is tasked to advance along the river and

ambush VC convoy moving to the VC compound.

Air Cavarly detachment is helicoptered up north and will attack the POW camp through the jungle.

UH-1 medevac is on standby to evacuate possible casualties to field hospital.

Heavy VC patrol activity is expected.


SEB Nam Pack v2.0 or greater


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Sweet mission dude, didint have the snow RPG error like the other mission, still have yet to finish this mission. Keep up the goo work.

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i really like 'plei me raid II', and this one is even better!

what i really miss though, as i play this mission alone, are some waypoints for the ai...

the aircav squad wont disembark from the chopper, you can't call in the medevac and the seals move nowhere.

if they would, the mission would be perfect  wink.gif

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