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Recruiting For the 88th FDB

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Hey guys the 88th first devils brigade is recruiting for the world war 2 mod for arma 3 also known as ironfront 1944 to tell u guys alittle abit about us is we are a small regiment hoping to become a bigger regiment and to become a brigade one day. We have a campaign on the 28th of october at 3pm eastern time and for eu players it will be at 9pm gmt +1(for uk 8pm) but in order to participate in this event (our first campaign) u need to join the 88th, But do not fear we are a friendly lot not mean but in events/Operations we are srtict just to warn u. We are a full milsim unit not relaxed not semi. In order to join u can add me on steam or u can apply on our arma 3 unit which i will give links down below im the head recruiter so fine me in teamspeak going by the name C. Jaydon poke me i will be with u shortly (sit in the waiting for recruiter channel).


http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198161393705/ My steam

https://units.arma3.com/unit/88thinfantrydivision-fdb Our unit page


Hope to see you guys soon. :D

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