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[HELP] Script to check for MELB and spawning the appropriate helicopters attached to respawn_vehicle module.

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Hi. I need help with scripting dynamically spawned helicopters being synced to the respawn module.


Manually syncing to the module works with respawn in Eden, but synchronizeObjectsAdd doesn't seem to work with script, guess it doesn't work that way.



1. If mod exists, spawn that helicopter, else spawn this helicopter

2. then sync this or that helicopter to respawn helicopter, when it dies, at the position of where it was first spawned.


Just want to add on that I want the Helicopter to spawn back where it got destroyed.


Unless I have to use my own script that runs on an interval to do the checking for myself... which I can actually, but just curious if I can leverage on the current respawn module that I have already used.

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