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find futherest positions from each other in an array

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Imagine a circle marker in arma3. Now at 30 degree intervals positions are marked (if they are not over water) and then they have  (_pos = [_posCenter, 0, _radiusToCheck, 1, 0, 15, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos;) applied to them and the resulting pos is added to an array .


So sometimes you have a semi circle if the original circle marker is partially over water or if it is fully over land you get a full circle.


now how to determine which 2 points are the furthest from each other?


I can tell at a glance by looking but am stumped at how to use sqf to loop through the array twice and comparing each value.


Any help or hints welcomed.


- solved with


if (count _spawn_pos_array > 2) then {

for "_y" from 0 to ((count _spawn_pos_array)-1) step 1 do {

for "_x" from 0 to ((count _spawn_pos_array )-1) step 1 do {

_len = (_spawn_pos_array select _y) distance (_spawn_pos_array select _x);
if (_len > _maxLength) then {
    _maxLength = _len;
_pos1 = _spawn_pos_array select _y;
_pos2 = _spawn_pos_array select _x;

_spawn_pos_array pushBack _pos;
_spawn_pos_array pushBack _pos;


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