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Mike Bu

How to change posture of placed character in Eden?

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I want to change the posture of placed characters.  Instead of just having the stance changed to lay, kneel or stand, I also want to change how they hold their weapon.  Instead of it being at the "up and ready" when I place them, I want to maybe have the weapon at the low ready or something like say they were guarding prisoners.  Heck, somewhere I had seen a quick build video on utube and a character was placed laying down on his back, working on the bottom of a vehicle.  I don't remember the video to go back and ask the poster about a mod or setting.


As I get to know Arma, I want to make some of those pics of builds or scenarios that the pics get posted in one of these threads.  Is this going to be a easy setting change or a mod of some kind, or something more challenging like scripting (which I know nothing of yet)?


Thanks for y'alls time.


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Hey Mike,

So do you want to let the unit play an animation for an scenario or do you only want to make photos? There are many of this "static animation" mods like these:



Also you can watch the animations from vanilla arma in the animation viewer. Go to Eden -> Tools -> Animation Viewer. There you can choose your animation and copy it. Then you can use it in your script or command.

For the script command you will find interesting and useful stuff on the bi wiki page or ingame on the function viewer.







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I really appreciate the help.  I will try these out the next few days. 

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