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Units see through my grass.  help!

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Hey guyz. I made a dense grass addon which is a single object to try avoid any huge lags. So, it was farely easy to make one so I did,,, now I made a geometry lod so the grasses will not fly up. Next I just copied and pasted the resolution lod to the view geometry lod. So I thought that will work and I tested it in game,,, guess what it didn't work. I proned and waited untill an enemy infantry came, stood up and shot a single round through the enemy commanders head and ducked down again to avoid detection, the next second, I took almost 40 rounds in my poor body....

I thought it was just because of the super AI that was on and the AI was just very smart that they would knew where the bullet came from just by seeing the dead commander and the sound. So next I just proned and stayed in the grass to test if the guyz could see through the grass.......... and they did,, I was proning like 20 feets from the guyz and they detected me... despite my self being hiden by the heavy grass.. So what do I do to make the object not see through to the AI?

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