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I have a music loop eventhandler set up in a trigger.  

It works fine the code is:

1 fademusic 1; ehID = addMusicEventHandler ["MusicStop", {playMusic ["Track2", 2];}];playMusic ["Track2", 2];  

And upon Deactivation it fades the music to 0.  Works good.  

However.  I have various other triggers on objective zones which fade back in the music using different tracks.  

Those work fine too but after they finish playing the music is still at fade 1 and it resumes the eventhandler for the loop.  


So basically I want this loop to only function inside of this trigger.  How do I terminate this loop upon deactivation and will it reactivate on a repeatable trigger as it should after deactivation?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  


For anyone wondering its for a type of safe house like Resident Evil style where you enter it and your cozy warm piano loop plays and reassures you that everything is going to be alright. ;)  

So it needs to be repeatable in and out type of deal. 


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