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Help with AI fast-rope (ACE3)

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I'm attempting to successfully fast-rope AI in an urban environment, which is apparently very difficult.

I've already set up the helicopter with a FRIES system which works fine when used by a human of their own volition.


I've done plenty of sifting through archives and people have been struggling with this for some time without a clear resolution.

It would be nice to be able to make things a lot clearer here.




  1. Still requires a human to use the "prepare fast rope action"
  2. Pilot does not fly low enough to successfully drop troops with their legs intact
  3. Pilot does not hover precisely where he needs to


I know there seem to be issues with flyInHeight, particularly over buildings, so I'm attempting to intervene within the ACE scripts to 

maybe add some extra lines to really force the helicopter down.


I've managed to find the deployAI.sqf script from the ACE 3 github repository, but I can't examine the operation of it much more because 

it references functions which I have no idea how to view. For example:


[{[_this] call FUNC(deployRopes)}, _vehicle, _deployTime] call CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute;


I've scanned through the entire list of functions with my addons loaded and I can't find deployRopes anywhere.




With respect to preparing the fast rope system, does anyone know how I can determine what code is being 

executed when a human player uses this action via the ACE interaction menu?


My hope is that I can find out how to trigger the same commands by script.




  1. Advice getting a helicopter pilot to hover over a very precise spot
  2. Advice getting a helicopter pilot to hover at a very specific altitude
  3. Description of how to view functions referenced by ACE
  4. Suggestion of how to determine the "prepare fast rope" commands used by ACE interaction menu




Thanks in advance.

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The only mention I can find of preparing the fast roping system is within

deployAI.sqf where it does this:


if (getText (_config >> QGVAR(onPrepare)) != "") then 
					_deployTime = [_vehicle] call (missionNamespace getVariable (getText (_config >> QGVAR(onPrepare))));


I'm not sure if this is what's holding it up though.


Partly because I don't know anything about configs but partly because i would of expected a WHILE or WAIT UNTIL command 

so that the script would resume once the fast roping system was prepared.


This is, however, the only thing that happens before FUNC(deployRopes) is called.

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Your best bet is to ask ace team on their release thread, or on their Github about their code, what your doing here is asking other people about what something costs in a store outside the store.


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