Speakeasy is a profile for the voice control software Voice Attack made by woofer and Alpha-Kilo. Both authors have several years of experience with voice control software for Arma 3. Woofer has published a profile for Voice Attack and made several videos which show how immersive voice control can be. Alpha-Kilo has experimented with all sorts of voice control software since 2009 and published profiles and key sheets for Voice Attack, Voice Activated Commands and Livrot Mic Command. They teamed up to create Speakeasy which is one of the most ambitious projects for voice control in Arma 3.   With Voice Attack and Speakeasy you can use your voice as an extra controller beside your keyboard, mouse, joystick etc. Speakeasy covers all commands of vanilla Arma 3 and a selection of popular modifications including ACE, TFAR, ACRE, Command & Control and more. All currently supported mods are listed in the key sheet which is in the Speakeasy package. You can also use Speakeasy to control your game-related hardware and software. Just say the word to take a screenshot, centre your TrackIR, or toggle your RealLight visual effects.   Speakeasy comes with several unique features: Call your AI subordinates by their role instead of memorizing their numbers: "Grenadier, flank left!", "MG, open fire!" Use auto-movement for long marches and hold a drink in your hand instead of keeping [W] pressed down forever. Speak your chat messages into the mic instead of typing them. Use Speakeasy as a voice recorder for a quick memo instead of typing or writing it down. Use compound commands for standard situations such as attacking, retreating, preparing an ambush, etc. A single command is enough to order your squad into the right formation, stance, combat mode, let them select targets and engage the enemy or break contact and return to the player. A set of templates makes it easy to add your own commands to the Speakeasy profile.   Speakeasy supports different international keyboard layouts and system languages. Out of the box the following keyboard layouts are supported: Canadian (Fr) QWERTY Canadian (ML) QWERTY French AZERTY German QWERTZ Portuguese QWERTY Spanish QWERTY Swedish QWERTY UK English QWERTY US English QWERTY   You can speak your commands in English or German. Speakeasy can be translated to other languages, as well.   There is a training scenario that you can use to test and hone your skills for use with the Speakeasy profile. It is singleplayer and multiplayer ready. All players have access to Zeus. ACE3, TFAR and ACRE are supported but not required. You can recruit AI to build your own squad. A training compound is provided where enemies can be created dynamically on demand.    Speakeasy is highly customizable. You can add or delete commands and change the key configuration and spoken phrases of existing commands.    Speakeasy comes with an extensive key sheet that helps to keep track of all commands. Use it as the basis for a translation to any language that Microsoft supports or to list your individual changes to the commands. If you use a programmable controller the key sheet can be used to keep track of what each button does. You may also find the key sheet useful if you use other voice control software than Voice Attack.    For your convenience Speakeasy comes with its own Arma user profile. All settings and key configurations you need to test Speakeasy are already in place. So you don't have to mess around with your existing player profile.   Some figures: The key sheet lists roughly 900 commands. Approximately 600 of them can be spoken. For many of the spoken commands there are several phrases, thus the Speakeasy profile has more than 1000 entries.    The Speakeasy package contains: Speakeasy manual (English) Speakeasy key sheet (English and German) Speakeasy Arma user profile (English and German) Speakeasy Voice Attack profile (English and German) Speakeasy training scenario (English) Speakeasy audio files   Version 2.0:  More than a year after the original release Speakeasy 2.0 is now ready for download. These are the new features:  Fluid Commands finally allows you to speak naturally with your AI. There is no need for the typical robotic breaks in your commands any more. We achieve this with voice commands that include calling your unit or units and the instruction in the same command. This is a new level of controlling the AI. Try it! Australian keyboard layout (with help from Benji and Rockapes) Danish keyboard layout (with help from Prestien) Norwegian keyboard layout The new training scenario is eight times bigger than the old one. It offers more options to try commands from the vanilla game and the supported add-ons. The compound where you can practice combat against enemy AI is not only bigger but also more diverse and hopefully more interesting. We added a Speakeasy training scenario readme which you should actually read. We created several new custom voice commands which make your life as a player a bit easier.  Several commands of the vanilla game or supported mods have been changed since the last release of Speakeasy. Version 2.0 of our profile and key sheet has been updated accordingly. Version 2.0 lists almost three hundred new commands that can be spoken. The new Fluid Commands feature adds a few hundred thousand more but don't worry – Voice Attack can handle a profile of this size.   Download the latest version of the package: https://docs.zoho.eu/folder/b8w469879dc4241d6439588276d888f769848   Subscribe to the training scenario on Steam Workshop:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1601768205   Discord link: