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[WIP][SP/Campaign] Avenge

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It has been years, since Lucas Bari has been back home – he first left Tanoa (his homeland) several years ago… in 2028 to be exact. After learning his pilot’s license back on Tanoa he was able to acquire a job that landed him in the Mediterranean, on the island of Altis.

He has been working at that job which was a flight charter company for several years, and with how successful he has been he never looked back.

In 2035, there was a big natural disaster. A tsunami to be exact and this disaster caused the government to fall on Tanoa, and without a government a militia or force took the government’s place. This militia was known as Syndicat, a paramilitary and drug running faction – they became the acting government after the disaster happened.

Most of the former government of Tanoa fled the island, or they were killed off in the Syndicat coup for the island, some say that the Syndicat must have gotten outside help in order to pull it off, but others think they just took advantage of the the situation at hand while the government was in shambles to take control.

It is now 2036, a year after the Tsunami rocked the Tanoan shores. As Lucas Bari was enjoying it long deserved vacation he gotten a letter from his brother Caleb Bari: This letter detailed that their mother passed recently and he should come to Tanoa as soon as possible and figures he should help his brother out since he wasn’t there for when she died.


Follow the story of Lucas Bari, who has been away for 7 long years. He is now heading back to Tanoa after hearing about the loss of his mother, but he will soon find out that his homeland is not what it once was.


Please Note:

Even though this campaign is by itself, it is in the same universe as my others... so unless you played the previous ones some certain events/people may be unfamiliar to those that haven't played them, but the previous campaigns are not required to be played to enjoy this one (you will just miss some easter eggs and stuff)


Also this is very WIP, there could be bugs and fixes which may or may not get fixed till closer to release.


Change-log Version 0.35:

Added two new missions to the campaign, so there is now a total of 6 missions.

Did some fixes on some missions, making sure there is no hiccups. I also updated Missions "Shooting Practice" & "Loss" because of feedback from a person who played my campaign that was saying the player should have been given a launcher to make things more even. So now in "Shooting Practice" you will get access to the RPG and then come "Loss" you will get that same RPG at the start of the mission.



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Requirements (no mods, but DLC)




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Good to see new SP content in here - congrats on the release, panicsferd. Yes, the plot looks interesting.

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