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So I have decided to use ARMAIII to story board my game I am developing in UnrealEngine.
I am a student for game design at Full Sail.
My questions will come randomly, basically I would like to bring people onto my team who have a semi-advanced wisdom of scripting and mission building in ARMAIII.
I simply dont know all the INIT functions and scripting.
I am an audio engineer, and business systems engineer.
I can program linux, so this work with 3d3n editor wont be too difficualt and my questions will be limited to mostly, how to pack certain things, create images, camera sweeps of the map during mission into, you know. The things that make it really interactive and interesting. Yes there is a lot of help on Youtube, those videos are years old and I find most of their help, is not that great.
It would be nice to network with some intelligent people who are willing to help with this.
If anyone could help, with simple answering a few questions about triggers and playing group assignments. Respawns, I would be greatly appreciated.
I plan to make a combat simulator, with military and civilian crisis aspects. Think, Paris, Vegas (MY family was in it.) For military, Seal Team 6, Watch the movie Act of Valor for my inspiration.
I plan to make my game cinematic. Which is hard in ARMA. That will have to come in Unreal perhaps.

1-410-709-8637 diveyez@r2nhosting.com
I have three clustered servers waiting for usage.
You can use this website, or https://msssops.biz has a Discord widget on there and you can reach me directly. If I am in the music channel, please message me because I may not hear you.
If you become a full part of the project, you will receive a 5-10% income from what it makes, my game in Unreal is set for a 2020 release date. That is simply because that's when I get my degree, and network with the advertising and marketing staff and alumni at Full Sail. I already have obtained many credits as a Business Information Systems major, and previously, a BoS in Music Business.
I write music and produce all my own sounds. I am on beatport, yada,yada. Lets focus on the game, I can make music for it in one hour.
Thanks, SolarCataclysm.

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