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Is it possible to add a NEW SIDE?

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No, I’m not talking about “factions” but about the highest unit classification level, e.g. BLUFOR/OPFOR/INDFOR/Civilian. Is it, by any means, possible to add a new side and/or create scenarios in which 4 or more armies fight against eachother? If yes, are there any mod examples?

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Nope. Not possible as far as I know.

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Found this topic today while researching. Is there any valid information about sides being hardcoded ? Also would be nice to hear something from the devs about their plans for factions. in the future.

...and no it is not only about the good the bad and the ugly...same as it is not always just  black and white, not in Rl and not in the Armaverse too ! Things are a lot more complicated and a more flexible faction system would bring us a lot of more potential regarding scenarios and conflicts for Armas future.

I know that a large part of the community is happy fighting commis or talibs for their rest of their Arma life but I would like to see something more like this in the Armaverse when it comes to factions...


Blue                   Nato (US-Aegis, US-Pacific, US-Woodland, CTRG, LDF...)

Light Blue         Nato Partners and Allies (ION, UN, Tanoa Gendermerie...)

Green                Independent 1  (Russia...)

Light Green      Independent  2 (AAF, CDF, Takistan Army...)

Yellow               Independent  3 (Arabique League...) this would be a new player for the Armaverse

Red                    CSAT   (CSAT-Iran, CSAT-Pacific, CSAT-Africa...)

Black                 Guerilla (FIA. Syndicate, Looters, ChDKZ, Takistan Insurgents...)

Lila                     Civilians


just an example 🙂

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Anyway the question stays: who fights who?

Give all your factions the side you want. And you can modify the relationship with setFriend while in game.


BLUE vs RED only means they will fight each others by default. No matter the country/faction. Just limited by imagination and too often cliché.

GREEN are BLUE friendly, RED enemy or the contrary via editor.

CIVILIAN says "don't shoot at me. I have a diplomatic immunity", but they are enemy to RED by default (just give them a weapon!)

     Slightly different than captive who fall in CIV but keep their feeling (unilateral relationship) against other sides


This way, setting relationship (don't forget both ways), you can have 4 camps fighting like 4 armies.


For very bad trip, you can use RENEGADE. Enemy to anyone! Bilateral: this aspect is not often used because the rating of AIs doesn't often fall below -2000!


IMHO, the only missing point, impossible to workaround, is to keep a good relationship between renegade guys from the same group (faction?).

This way, you could fight group against group, which is not possible so far.


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