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Server Console Crash

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Okay so all today my server console was perfectly fine until I was making edits to my scripts and when I tried to load the server it came up with the classic "Arma 3 has stopped working" every time I tried to join my server, but it wasn't my game it was the servers console, naturally I thought I must have botched something in the code because it was working fine not 10 minutes before, after going through double and triple checking there were no mistakes in the code, so just to make sure I re-downloaded the vanilla mission file and threw it in the MP Missions folder, fired up the server bat file and guess what? "Arma 3 has stopped working". I have no idea what's causing this, I've tried looking but other crash related topics are game client crashes not server crashes. I did notice in the server logs, which you can read here: https://pastebin.com/51np6PFj, an Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 68535F6D appeared, I tried looking for this too and only 1 post came up which was a completely different situation from mine.


I do run the server through my personal client, however this is purely for testing purposes and never ever in the entire time I've been mission editing ARMA 3 has this been an issue for me so I highly doubt this would be the cause, also while typing this I've stopped to check to see if there are any posts about this somewhere instead of annoying you all with a repeated one, I found a few that were similar but were the cause of mods, something I don't have enabled on mine it's all vanilla assets.


Anyway if anyone has had this issue before or knows of a solution please let me know a possible solution, it would be greatly appreciated.



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it's not easy to "kill" arma with scripts but it happen

could you post the mission file and scripts?

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