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COOP12 Combat Patrol - bunch of remarks

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I am not sure if it should be in MP section. I've decided to put it here.

First of all I've played with 3 another people this mission. It is suprisingly good. I thing this is good direction in MP "official" random missions.


Hovewer we noticed some lacks.

First of all there is no ability to disable revives and set no respawns. I know we don't need to use them, but it would be good if such configuration feature would be available.

Another thing is there is no clear information what does it mean (how many) Low/Standard/Advanced in case of Garnizon and Reinforcement.

Also I didn't see info about what type of enemy we will face.

And of course only three main objectives.

Propositions of additional objectives:

- it would be good if there will be more diversed object to destroy instead of trucks (chopper, building, armoured).

- steal the documents/data/something else (maybe car :) )

- "kill them all"

- release captives

- escape from the teritory (you have to escape from the middle of area to some point)


Anyway, good idea, good base, need more developement to be even better.


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