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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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Option to turn on civilian life in editor, that would spawn around player in certain radius (like zombies in DayZ), doing their stuff, driving cars, working in fields and so on, and that they would react to gunfight by going indoors.

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This tank as an addition to NATO forces? Atleast, maybe in a future update?

1. http://www.defensenews.com/article/20130828/DEFREG01/308280026/UK-Polish-Group-Unveils-New-Vehicle-Demonstrator

2. http://i.imgur.com/aaEFJBn.jpg

The PL-01 is a light tank currently being developed by Polish (OBRUM) and British (BAE Systems) engineers. The project is expected to be finished in the next three years.

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use dayz standalone's animation set for the civilians. their animations are more relaxed and they hold weapons differently.

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Ok, here's my wishes. :D

- CSAT -

* PAK-FA / SU-47 Berkut

- AAF -

* Leopard 2A7

* Eurocopter Tiger

- NATO -

* F-22A Raptor (Designated F-24 Velociraptor?)

* F-35 Lightning II (Designated F-38?)

* Buffalo MRAP

* B-3 Spirit

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Don't know if this already posted but i wanna some truck trailers for the hemtt to drive around :D


And some vehicles:

- Working M88A2

- M1A1

- AH-64D


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My wish is simple: Allow players on quarbikes to use Binos or Rangefinders, etc. That's what a recon vehicle is for!

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And please allow sight aiming when left/right prone(Control+Left/Right after going prone). And give us better temporary stances control. For example, if you press "alt+w", the character would peak as high as possible and would resume previous stance as soon as you release the button, vary good for CQB. Or maybe just allow us to assign hot-key for some specific stances, like "space+w" for standing as tall as you can.

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I'd really enjoy the option to pick current day weapons and vehicles in conjunction with the futuristic vehicles.

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- Hi-tech Gillie suit that doesn't show up in thermal vision

- Brighter flashlights on rifles, which lights up the terrain further out.

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can we add fast roping and rope ladders for transport choppers? i realize that some mods already have this but i think it should be added to the main game. also can we add IR strobes so that attack choppers using thermal vision can see that you are friendly? i realize that this could be a problem with 2 teams fighting each other but maybe you could make it so that the IR strobes only show up for friendlies.

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Heres what i think that should be added:


Unconscious system, so if you crash you wont die you go unconscious for a while and maybe hang in the chair or something then wake for a bit.

Also, make it so you dont just die from helicopter crashes all the time, it would be better, and more fun if you got unconscious not die.

Game Engine:

Now here's a thing that would make the game have alot me people buy it and play it and it would make the game better/funner, Soft Vehicle Body Physics (or hard or whatever) then crashing and also aircraft crash's would be alot more realistic.

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- Hi-tech Gillie suit that doesn't show up in thermal vision

- Brighter flashlights on rifles, which lights up the terrain further out.

Well, thermal is partly meant for detecting snipers (i think) and i guess i sorta agree with the flashlights,

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Here's what i would love to see for Arma 3.

1. Ability to holster you pistol (i am disappointed by the lack of ability to holster you pistol)

2. Big class of patrole boats/warships

3. More civilian cars (like big european trucks, ambulance and boats/ships and so on)

4. More civilians in general/clothes

5. AI ability to enter house's and seach for enemy's

6. AI surrender

7. AI better path finding

8. AI better reaction for gun fire and explosion

9. More animation for entering vehicles (like enter a car, open the door and get in, i like the anim for entering the littlebird)

10. You can select the weather to be random (never know what the weather would be like/could change from shiny sun to hard win and raining randomly in game)

11. Could be cool in the editor if you could choose what side a specifik civilian should be on

12. Civilians should be able to throw stones like in a riot (choose able in the editor) :)

13. MP (Military police) would be great for some RPG (RIOT)

14. Transport plane, like c130 or C 17

15. Civilian plane like boing 747 (for the emty airfield)

16. Tow truck for planes and heli's on wheels

17. Medium Caliber 7.62 sniper rifles like M24 and so on.


Normal today uniform, not that robotic space thing they have now, totally unrealistic.

Some different weapons system then the NATO side, like the artillery is just the as NATO, why??


Eurofighter and Eurocopter would be nice

Another truck's, like MAN or something, they have these KAMAZ Russian trucks now, dont like them and AAF have NATO stuff so why those KAMAZ trucks ?? :)

Maybe the offroad with AAF camo and a Double cabin


Transport plane C17

Bag class warship/patrole boat

have more but can remember them right now :)

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Make the trawler usable/pilotable.

More civ types(bring back wooooomen civs) including different clothing and I don't mean different colors.Add varieties with jeans,pants,t-shirts,shirts,maybe some suits to make bodyguards or vips.

More civ helicopters.

More civ cars,at least 2-3 different suvs,5-6 different regular cars,maybe a truly sports car or some vans,or bigger trucks.

Bigger ships and different types,for civs a yacht for military a destroyer.

Services branch like ambulance with a doctor and paramedic npc,regular patrol police car with a cop npc and special reaction team with their armored vehicle(something like Swat).

PMCs(what happened with Raven?).

Add a tank for AAF.

More UGV types but smaller ones,basically a 2035 version of Talon/Swords,maybe something like this?

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My ideas, :P


- GPMG/Medium Machine Guns for the game's factions

- Guided/Unguided Anti-Tank and Anti-Air launchers (As well as lighter and heavier ones). <-- I know that the Titan exists, but it's more of a General Purpose Launcher than anything else.

- Shotguns and Standalone Grenade Launchers (Maybe the eventual XM-25, M230, KSG, AA12 and Benelli M4)

- Medium caliber sniper rifles (Like the M24, M40A1 and SVD)

- Older/Civilianized weaponry (Hunting Rifles, Kalashnikovs [And other Russian guns] etc.)


- Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Been suggested a million times, I'll just add one more to that list)

- Light/Unarmed troops


- Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Again)

- Light-Attack/Insertion Helicopter (Similar to the MH-6/AH-6)

- Different static weaponry


- More technicals (Anti-Tank variants, and other types of MGs)

- More armored vehicles

- Some non high-tech weaponry

- Police force

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That's an awesome list and would be incredible; some of those things I feel are badly needed for sure!

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Please please please.

Add the ability to filter servers by the settings in the .Arma3Profile settings. An example would be tick in a box to show servers with 3rd on untick to shows servers with 3rd off.

Atm the showing of difficulty recruit,regular etc does not let you know what settings are being used.

Myself I prefer to not have to join a server, download the mission. Only to leave because I dislike the settings used.

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i wish, you could command your bots, to choose weapon you want them to use. For example in s any sniper duo mission, when you hav a bot as spotter, i cannot tell him, to use silenced pistole, when hes assault rifle, doesn't have any silencers. I have to command him not to shoot at all, to not get spotted by enemies. Also at convoi ambush missions, i would like to command my AT soldiers, to switch to rocket launchers, so when i say open fire, then don't have to switch to rocket launcher first, and waste perfect ambush time.

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Royal Dutch Army



European Regions and Cities -

Large Townships medieval style mixed with modern style buildings

Farm Sites


Modern Cities


Large Sea Units Boats submarines ect.

Combat Engineers

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From most wanted down:

  1. Serverperformance (support multicore, without HC!)
  2. Better physics, most for aircrafts. Could be only for highes difficult settings if the arcade players want it arcade like. But we need something like ToH!
  3. 3D Editor
  4. Server Dedicated guide (what i need on a GBit Line for 50/80/100 players to set in the cfg)
  5. More realistic vehicle data. More torque, more weight, more speed uphill for tracked v.

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- More ways to control your AI, @WW_AIMenu has a lot of useful AI commands, like attach silencers, clear that building etc.

- Make AI drivers ignore ambient animals. It seriously sucks to have rolling thunder of tanks storming forwards the enemy just to stop because there's a chicken dog, sheep, or goat in front of them.

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Squirrel's Big Freakin Wish List

Ok so I'm posting this in this thread as well because I'd like to be able to discuss some things if need be, it was originally posted in the Wishlist and Ideas - No Discussion thread. I'm not sure if any of these issues were addressed yet or if they are currently working to fix them.

I wrote this at work so I don't have all my notes, some of my information might be slightly off but I will still try to make my point as clear as possible.

I didn't originally post this in the wish list thread because I fear it's already too big for someone to read as a single post but it got moved, not to mention the game is already out so this might just be a big waste of time. I didn't want this getting lost in the sea of one line post post but since this thread has been dead for a while I think it will be better now. Hopefully my goal of bringing together a collection of ideas from others as well as my own will be realized and taken into consideration for a more…complete feeling "Full Release" game.

.....Lets begin.....

Here is something I hope everyone will take a look at… I feel this would make players who are sticklers for quick concise information on the map, like me, very happy.

This is my suggestion for the map symbols.

Basically you would have 10 save slots for your most commonly used symbols. Along with the symbols you can also save what color and what text are accompanied with them by simply typing in the text, picking the color and dragging the symbol to an a empty slot WITHOUT hitting OK.


Open the map and double click on the spot you would like to mark as you normally would.

Simply use the up and down arrows like normal to change the symbol.

Choose the color by clicking on it with your mouse cursor.

If you'd like to save text with the symbol, simply type what you want in the text bar.

If you don't want text then just leave the text bar empty.

Once you have everything set up, simply move your cursor over to the big symbol and drag it to an empty slot. DO NOT HIT OK unless you also want to place that symbol on the part of the map you double clicked on.

If you only want to save symbols BUT not place a marker on the map at that time you would simply hit cancel to close the window after you've saved your symbols to the save slots.

To clear a save slot you must move the cursor over the slot and press delete. Simply dragging a different symbol over a filled slot WILL NOT replace it. This is to prevent accidental replacement during "Oh crap I'm getting shot!" combat. 30xipmf.png


Now I don't know the specs of my computer off hand but I can tell you it shouldn't have as much trouble as it does with frame rate drop. I normally run 76-78 fps but when turning...everyone knows already...it drops...blah blah blah… I love good graphics and I don't know much about the correct order of building a game...I just know that graphics shouldn't be the only focus and that being able to see the whites of the enemy's eyes doesn't help me much when I get all of 6 frames to line up my sights and die...or crash into a mountain. A few other things fall under this category as well I believe...

4. Automatic Mod Downloader: I don’t like playing with a whole bunch of different mods simply because some seem to be more trouble than their worth and kind of a pain to get. However I know some are must haves… so when you join a server it should look and find what mods you need and ask if you want to download them. From there, clicking OK would download and install automatically or you could set your settings so that it opens up the website, allowing you to check the mod out and see if it’s legit before committing.

3. Multiplayer Server List and Filter: Now maybe they’re planning on working on this but, am I the only one that thinks the Multiplayer server list could use some revamping? And why does it only sort by one parameter? I’m not talking about filtering…I’m talking about sorting the list. If I click on Ping ^ Then it shows me the servers with the lowest ping at the top. But if I click on Ping^ then Players^ it only sorts by players. Why can’t I click on Ping^ Players^ and Type^ and see groupings of Co-op, DOM, TDM in lowest to highest order of ping and players at that specific time. The filter could use a little work too, it’s not very big, just put it along the bottom of the server list.

2. Parties, Squads, SOMETHING!: PARTIES- There should be some way you can link up with friends in the server list and all join a game together with the assurance that you’ll all be in the same squad…WITHOUT having to join an empty server! (Like how WARFRAME does it.) Perhaps in the actual game lobby there could also be a little box next to your name that you could click if you don’t mind being moved to a different squad and position when a party wishes to join your team and play together. Maybe a little box would pop up in the corner and say something like, “A party has joined your team. You have been moved to Delta Squad – Grenadier.†SQUADS – I really think that creating squads should be left up to the players in game since only about a quarter of players on public servers actually stay and work together with the squad they’re in. Allowing players to create squads would also eliminate the notorious headless squad…Plenty of Indians but no chief… If you create a squad you are the squad leader. Now I know some are going to be up in arms and screaming that is isn’t BF3 or COD but that’s not a valid argument in this case. Creating squads lets players choose to work together and it gives the Squad leader a good idea of who he can count on, none of this wasting time hoping your squad mate won’t go off and do his own thing never to return again. We need to weed out the faint hearted by realistic gameplay, not forcing groups who work well together to split up.

1. Overall Clunkiness: This is probably the most important to me, like I said before, graphics are great but they count for very little if the game runs like crap. I want to be able to play multiplayer against real people or AI seamlessly. No clunky shuffling jerking movements, no struggling to aim in on a target because of choppy gameplay, it needs to be SMOOTH! Getting stuck on doors, rails, rocks, corners, being unable to shoot through, climb through, or break out windows. Frame Rate, glitching through walls, getting killed by invisible fire…The list is pretty long and it needs to be addressed. Don’t worry about the underwater stuff until the problems on land are fixed...Especially on Altis…editor, single, and MP.


Across the board Team authority to punish Team Killers/vehicle destroyers: New options for players to take matters into their own hands when admins are not online. #VoteFreezeBlind- Blinds and Freezes all actions by the player by taking away their ability to see, shoot, move, communicate, throw grenades, check their inventory, and map for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or until server restart. (If there is a way to keep them from disconnecting from the server for 5 minutes just to waste their time I would like that as well.) Too many times have I had to endure someone with nothing better to do than sit in spawn or just outside and repeatedly kill teammates or blow up vehicles in an effort to cripple their team. We should have some ability to annoy them until they go away with something that constantly halts their game play via a 2/3 vote. Vote kick is ineffective because the harassing player can just return and continue or make a new profile and return…at least with this you would stop them from having as much fun. If they change their profile name then you can just vote against that name too. The servers should remember those names until it restarts or have a #Voteban - which would ban that name for 24 hours. Perhaps we could also have a #Votecheck– Which would give all other players a window in the map that would allow them to check the inventory, rate of travel, and whatever else would be useful for determining dishonest gameplay. The votes for a check should NOT be visible to the player who is being checked, meaning it shouldn't show up in chat for that person. This would stop them from turning off their cheats before the vote was passed, unnecessary banter, and preemptive or retaliatory douchebaggery.

I’m not very fond of having admins simply because one has to be online in order for any action to be taken. The power needs to lie with the players to regulate themselves.

The scroll wheel menu interface and AI Communications Rose: I WANT MY NUMBER KEYS BACK!

I firmly believe that every keybinding should be customizable by the user….Should you be allowed to keep the menu how it is? Sure. Should you have the option for something better if you want it though? Absolutely! I don’t completely hate the scroll menu but I think it should be restricted to only whatever is being used/interacted with.

I personally believe that weapons should be set to number keys. I know people like to call it arcadeish when you set weapons to number keys but if you think about it….In real life…. All the tactical gear that people buy is designed for one purpose… to make your gear easier to wear, access, and use. This same concept could be applied to the use of number keys. I think that was one of the major oversights by the developers….It’s 2035 and we seem to have forgotten all about smooth quick weapons transitions, one point slings, and weapons catches. Ordinarily you would execute a weapons transition from primary to secondary when the immediate employment of your primary weapon is no longer the best option. This often takes place under fire and when you have no good cover, meaning that you SHOULD be moving. However, thanks to the animations or whatever the problem is… you can’t switch weapons while moving so that makes that option practically useless.

My personal set up would look something like this….

Pointing at a door and scrolling up or down would push it open or closed like in Sakura Chan’s video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70CoV...layer_embedded

However, I could also double click with the scroll wheel button to open up more options (Lock door, lock/destroy –to lock the door and block the key hole if you have wire or something, Change to gunner seat..) or single click to just use the item/function.(Open/Close door)….(Tapping muzzle thump key would kick the door if the Door Icon is showing.)

For wounded you would simply point and scroll down to drag or carry and scroll up to drop. Point at them and hit your medical key to open up the First Aid Menu.

Number keys:

1. - Primary Weapon

2. - Secondary Weapon

3. – Muzzle Thump/ ALT Weapon Menu. (Tap = Muzzle thump with current weapon. Hold(2sec) = Open menu - choose knife/bayonet, fix/unfix bayonet, Assemble bayonet WIRE CUTTER, or Load tracer / special ammo if equipped in chest rig.)

4. - Bottom Rail Attachment – Bipod or Switch to Under-barrel Grenade Launcher or Shotgun. (Hold to open rose and select ammo type. This is only an option for under-barrel weapons.)

5. – Medical Menu (As with all the other menus, you would have to hold the button or else it closes and stops. This is to simulate using two hands and working.) – This would also allow a more complicated system….Victim appears to have chest and leg wounds – Examine (Remove gear, check for exits.) Victim is suffering from sucking chest wound…. It opens THEIR IFAK and gives you a list of steps that you have to choose in the correct order before the counter runs out.

6. – Side Rail Attachment function/menu. (Hold to bring up a menu that lets you SET Left and Right attachment options for current weapon. E.G. Flash light and laser – Laser only- IR laser only- IR light only...etc. TAP key = Operate function that you set. “Turn on†and “Turn offâ€.

7. – Launcher/Third Weapon (Note: This weapon would be stored along your backpack so it takes longer to get to. Ideally the primary weapon would just drop into the weapon catch but since this is ArmA we’ll settle for swapping out weapons. Can’t change the animations now anyway.)

8. – Equip Grenade/ Grenade Menu – Thanks to all the different options I think I'd like a menu so I could quickly choose what grenade I'd want to use if they’re on my chest rig. (Hold the menu button, Move the mouse to the right grenade, click, release and it is now equipped. e.g. Frag, Smoke, Incendiary, Strobe, Chemlight, Molotovs, flares, or Rocks.) -…This could also be G still.

9. - Specialty Gear (Mine detector, UAV Terminal, Door Ram, Lock Pick, or anything else.)

0. - Explosives Menu (Choose and place explosives / Disarm and pickup explosives (need to be explosives specialist for most except the simple stuff.) ....Link explosives :P ...mark explosives... Detonate.) I would make it where you could control up to 5 explosives at a time and set them off at once or in however you choose them. The first 5 explosives you set would light up little number buttons at the top of the menu. You can click on them to select or de-select in any order and then click detonate.

Another thing, the controls for different vehicles should be completely separate! Infantry, Ground vehicles, Boats, Helicopters, and Planes. (Your number keys up top should still let you switch your gear and fire your weapon as a passenger or turned out commander only.) –That should be a scroll wheel function. (Ride normal / Ride firing position e.g. gun port or out the top hatch, etc...)

As far as AI commands go, I think a revamped version of the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Comm Rose would be ideal. Maybe cross it with the BF2 command rose. I think in BF2 there were actually 3 roses… one for communication, one for individual player actions, and one for fire support…maybe not though. For those that don’t remember the Dragon Rising rose, it opened up with more options depending on where you clicked. http://faqsmedia.ign.com/faqs/image/...f2dr_rings.jpg (You should still be able to keep the number keys if you like it that way though…or maybe the number pad?

Inventory: (This would allow for the User Interface I mentioned above.) I would like to see the option to open weapons on the ground like a backpack so you don’t have equip them to pull off attachments.

Speaking of backpacks, you should have the ability to LOCK your gear or at least get a message that either ASK YOU FOR PERMISSION for a player to open your gear or ALERTS YOU that someone is opening your gear.

I wish that the 3 Weapons slots allow any weapon to be placed in those slots.

Each weapons slot should have 6 Attachment slots If the weapon doesn’t have room for 6 attachments then you just wouldn’t be able to use those slots. Muzzle, top rail, scope, Left Rail, Right Rail, and the big one…. BOTTOM RAIL… This would be how you attach under barrel grenade launchers or maybe under barrel shotguns… Who knows, maybe even a Grip Pod or Bipod if they ever include that function.

I understand that in most cases the top rail seems unnecessary but it would allow a more realistic approach by allowing the addition of an inline Thermal sight such as the PAS-27. You would keep the PAS in your backpack until you needed it, then go to inventory and attach it which would convert your RCO to a thermal sight. You could also use the top rail for leaf or quadrant sights for the UBGL or whatever else people can think of...High Power scope and canted reflex sight mounted forward?

Here is a picture of how I would like to see the inventory changed.http://i57.tinypic.com/313t5cn.png

Notice how the Muzzle, Top Rail and then Scope are all in line just how they would be on the rifle. Underneath the muzzle box is the Bottom Rail, again like it should be on the rifle. I think this is key in order to quickly add attachments in the correct/desired place. Ideally each box would have a label but I didn’t feel like putting them in. MZ =Muzzle, TR=Top Rail etc…

Then look at the pistol and see that since it doesn’t have side or top rails those are crossed out. I would like to see faded red icons but I can’t draw that.

Finally we have a feature that I very much want to happen….

CONSOLIDATE AMMO BUTTON! – In addition, each weapon slot should have a little button that that consolidates ammo if the weapon uses magazines or even belt fed ammo. It would take your half or near empty magazines/belts and consolidate your ammo into full mags/longer blets. That is so you don’t have to fire 3 rounds, change mags, fire 6 rounds, change mags, so on and so forth… Say it takes….20 seconds to complete?

Desync Chain: Does anyone remember this little box from Counter Strike? Net_graph3_explanation.jpg I believe this would be a much more useful tool than a simple colored chain.

Changing weapons while running and BIPODS: Obviously this is a given... I don’t think we’ll ever go back to 2 point shoulder slings. 1 point and 3 point slings are much more useful and even still I don’t think I’d trust a soldier who had to stop everything he’s doing just to sling his weapon. And of course…Bipods and Grip pods, we need them!

Stuck aiming down the sights after hitting map button: Aim in on something and hit the map button… close your map and you’ll be stuck aiming down the sights until you hold aim and open the map again.

Ability to use a GPS while driving an armored vehicle turned in: Don't know why this doesn't work but it doesn't for me. (First person) Yes, ordinarily you wouldn’t receive signal through thick armor but that’s what Antennas are for. Some have said that the driver doesn’t need GPS because the Commander is supposed to tell him where to go… Yes and No. Anytime you can reduce the workload of the crew it’s a good thing.

Short Stocking/Moving sideways through doorways: We're supposed to be trained soldiers...even with a long rifle we should be able to find some way to make it work! (I.E. Short stocking) Even if we can't aim down the sights while standing in the absolute threshold of the door, we would find some way to completely pie that corner! What about something similar to ...I think it was Gears of War...where he sticks his gun up over a wall and blind fires. I don't want to have a soldier that blind fires but maybe moving up to a doorway sideways and leaning over causes him to snake his gun out and peek. You couldn't aim down the sights but you could at least suppress long enough to get back in and out of the line of fire or if you kept stepping out you'd eventually raise your weapon again....Or just make it so we move smoothly through doorways… This should be something achievable from the standing all the way down to low crouching stances. Oh and if you're thinking trained military operators don't bring their weapons out of their shoulders, you're wrong! In combat you do what you have to do to make it work, if you have a short barrel rifle that’s fine but if your rifle has a 20inch barrel…something is going to have to change.

Step Over/Climb: I shouldn't have to hit a button for anything under...eh… I say thigh high… unless it's railing along a cliff or the edge of a roof. (That’s so you don’t fall off without meaning to.) If I'm moving forward and I come to a knee high ledge or step I'm simply going to raise my leg and go... Another thing... CLIMBING! This doesn't pertain to ladders… I'm talking about walls… You know the walls in Agia Marina that surround some of the houses? A motivated warfighter should be able to go up to one of those walls hit "step over" and leap, pulling himself up onto the wall… it should take away his stamina...more or less depending on gear... but he should be able to first stay on his starting side of the wall, come to a forearm hang and peak over (If you take too long he should get tired and drop back down)... hitting forward brings you prone on the top of the wall and then doing so again would send you over the other side or you could hit back and go back from whence you came.

Climbing up ladders: Not sure if this is being fixed but I think we all know the issue… When climbing up to the top of a ladder you don't need to stand completely up. The animation should be changed so that when going up, once the character's waist is past the top of the ladder he bends forward as if trying to put his chest on whatever he's climbing onto...taking the last 3 steps or so and finishing out in the prone, from there you could crawl, crouch or stand from one button push. You don't want to skyline yourself! When mounting the ladder to go down he should stay in the prone if your character was already in prone. If you were standing or crouching then he will crouch. (Stance fidelity is very important.) At the bottom of the latter obviously doesn't matter but you should be able to mount from any position…and I do believe the ladders should be operated by a use key function or at least lock the scroll wheel menu from giving other options when trying to use the ladder. (You'd need to be looking at it and pressed right up against it, not just in the general area.) This will allow you to still do other important things like place explosives or change to tracers.

Shooting out of vehicles: Cars, Trucks, Helos, and ATVs: I don't need to explain this do I? …Off the back of an ATV or from the bed of a civilian truck, from the passenger seat, out the window or through the windshield. From gun ports on armored vehicles to the bench seats on the MH-9 or for the guys closest to the side doors on the Mi-48 Kaiman. (Friendly fire might be an issue with that.)

Better visibility and DETAIL for armored drivers Turned In: This is supposed to be the future...No one would make an armored vehicle with only one available view port unless they have absolutely no idea what they're doing and didn't learn from WWII. You can even see 3 distinct view ports on the driver hatches of the vehicles in Arma 3 right now, you should at least able to turn your head and look diagonally. Ideally the view ports would have...eh 135 degrees field of view? Also again, this is supposed to be the future… the drivers should have a dashboard with a screen that shows at least a rear facing camera that is Night Vision capable (ideally it would have a forward facing camera as well). And if you really want to get fancy... the driver's front facing camera should be connected to a slave system on their helmet like an Apache gunner... where ever he turns his head is where the camera looks, so that it would be just like if he was turned out. It doesn’t need thermal or anything super fancy just give him the tools to see where he’s going. (Night vision and a little bit of zoom to identify IED’s and mines.) We have web cams that can zoom, pan left, right, up, down, rotate 360, and track faces…I can’t see why we couldn’t mount a camera on a tank under the turret for the driver.

Armor Optics Vulnerable to Small Arms Fire: Any mounted weapon with a remote viewer SHOULD be vulnerable to small arms fire IF YOU CAN HIT IT. For tanks and APC’s at least, they should have a redundancy system. The periscope view ports (the 3 slots on the driver’s hatches) should be used only as a last resort after their good optics have been destroyed, but even the view ports should be able to get shot up so bad that you can’t see out. Obviously I know that 3rd person will make this feature useless but it should still be added. It’s too bad that the devs didn’t think of this before the models were made. I would have given the gunner a primitive periscope sight mounted next to and looking down along the bore of the main gun so it and his coaxial machine gun would still be somewhat effective. The gunner sight would be receded inside the armor of the turret, requiring a nearly straight on shot to hit it. The down side is that it wouldn’t be thermal or night vision, it wouldn’t have zoom and it would have a severely limited field of view. (Scenario) You’re hiding in a building and a tank pulls up beside you and stops in the street with no infantry support, you should be able to shoot out the optics of the tank partially or completely blinding it if you can hit all the cameras and view ports.

3 guns for tanks and driver ability to turn out with someone in gunner spot: I'm still mad about this... The gunner should control the main gun and coaxial medium machine gun. The commander should have control of a heavy machine gun in which he can fire while turned in or turned out. All drivers should be able to drive turned out regardless if someone is in the gunner seat.

Remove/Change Vehicle Radar: Most Ground vehicles don’t have or need radar, especially the “All Seeing Eye†radar we have now. Besides that, they’ve tried radar for ground vehicles and there’s usually just too much clutter with trees, buildings, and cars. The only time I might be ok with vehicles having radar is if there is a Friendly Anti-Air Vehicle within 1km radius sending data to friendly forces or if they incorporate a Radar Station Trailer. This would be a trailer that must be towed to the AO and deployed; it would then give all friendly vehicles within 3km radius the ability to see aircraft (or ground vehicles too) within its radar range. It would make a good side mission too.

Active Protection System and Early Warning Hub: Along with the standard armor upgrades, every Heavy and Medium armor vehicle should be equipped with an EWH and APS system.

The EWH is what would give the vehicle situational awareness. Detecting when someone has Laser or Radar Lock and if a hit is received, what direction the shot came from. The down side is that it would sit on top of the turret and therefore be vulnerable to/easily destroyed by Anti-Material Rifles or the first sustained hit from a tank round/unguided rocket.

The APS stops Missiles and Rockets, it has a limited number of reloads (1 or 2 max) for each pod. Each reload should take 2-3 seconds to complete and would be automatically and immediately initiate. Re-arming must be done at a re-arming station or truck but if you re-arm at a truck then you have to get out of the vehicle. No re-arming safely from inside. The downsides of the APS are that it can’t see through your smoke screen used to break Radar or Laser Lock. It does not protect against tank rounds or RKG-3s(Something I wish they would add.) It’s vulnerable to Rocket volleys on the same side and it’s hazardous to anyone standing within 5m during an attack.

Female Characters - Military and Civilian: I currently have 3 female friends who mentioned it's dumb that there are no females in the game. Maybe something like F.E.T. Marines (Female Engagement Teams - AKA - Lionesses) These are the ladies who go out on patrol with us (Infantry Marines) and interact with the women and children. Also, female military police, motor transport, HIT (human intelligence), interpreters, pilots, UAV controllers, officers and or Red Patchers! (Landing Support Specialist) In all honesty I really don’t think they need specialized titles, just make female characters.

Breakable Doors, and Windows: I think this is pretty self-explanatory… it shouldn’t take 10 rounds to knock out a window, you should be able to toss grenades from windows, and you should also be able to climb through windows if they’re big enough! Don’t go through doors if you don’t have to. Doors should be able to be kicked down or blown off the hinges as well.

Muzzle Thump: There should be a feature to thrust the muzzle of your weapon against your enemy. Hits to the body would stun/knock them back for 1 or 2 seconds, giving you the ability to thump them in the head… one hit to the head would stun for 5 seconds, a second hit would knock them unconscious for 15 seconds, a third hit would kill them. It would also allow you to break out windows without making too much noise. Pointing at a door and tapping the muzzle thump key would cause the player to kick the door, taking anywhere from 1-3 kicks to break standard residential doors like we see in houses.

Rocket Damage to buildings: When a rocket hits a building it shouldn’t turn the whole building brown and send cracks everywhere. Instead it should punch a fairly large hole in the wall, blow out the windows, doors on that level and char the inside and around the hole. (Unless it’s HE or thermobaric) Now this may be a glitch but I’ve seen several buildings either just brought down or still completely intact but simply charred looking. The reason I think this is important is because at many points in a MOUT environment, the safest way into a building is through the door you made. :P Many times we have used rockets to knock holes in walls and houses to gain entry.

Rocket Sounds: The sounds of a rocket being fired and impacting need to be changed. The distinct “Currclunk†noise is the sound of the rocket leaving the tube and is only heard if you are in fairly close proximity. The next sound, “psssSSSSSHHHHH†is the sound of the rocket motor starting up, That is what you should hear the farther you are away. As far as the impacts go…the sound is off but it’s still pretty realistic in that you don’t hear much of a hissing roar unless it passes over you.

Interpreters, Assigned Radios and GPS - Opfor/Bluefor: Someone else mentioned this and I agree but with a few small changes... Firstly, ACRE is cool but again this is the future and I like to use my imagination a little and believe that technology has advanced to the point that we no longer need a PRC-119, 148, 343. I'd like to believe that everything we need, be it UHF, VHF, or Satellite could be achieved through a radio no bigger than a PRC-148. And we could also just say that the tech was invented by the west but of course china ripped it off and sold it to everyone. :P Now, every side would have their own.. You could kill the enemy and take their radio but you would have to give it to an interpreter and then the interpreter would have to relay those messages to command or the rest of the troops... and I mean by word of mouth, not just have it broadcast to everyone else. If you wanted to make things a little more complicated you could have a 4 digit pass code (#1-4 only) that would have to be cracked before being able to use the radio... You could have it so that only enemy squad leaders had the pass code written down on their map. You would need to kill one, search their bodies and take their map to find the code, same with the GPS. In addition, interpreters could have a code breaker device that must be attached to the radio/GPS and takes 10minutes to crack if you didn’t already have the code.

Incendiary and other specialty grenades: We need thermite grenades to destroy radios and equipment without loud bangs from explosions… also FLASH BANGs. Tear gas, road flares, RKG-3s, molotovs, and rocks would be interesting but all I care about right now is the incendiary. Tear gas would require gas mask too so that shouldn’t come till after everything else has been fixed.

Helmet lights and strobes: Since I believe all the helmets in Arma 3 have strobes I think it would be neat to see a 3 function helmet light compiled into a single unit. However this particular helmet light can also be clipped to the brim of hats. It would feature: http://i40.tinypic.com/xehrtk.png (485 kB)

1. Forward facing Visual (white) and IR headlamp. (Select which one you want to turn on)

2. A NON-FLASHING multi-color choice (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow… Think replacement for chemlights.) MARKER. (Select which one you want to turn on)

3. And a Visual/IR strobe.

These 3 feature types would all work independently of each other and the status of your helmet lights would be displayed by a simple indicator on the stance menu. This would also enable visual lights while not giving up IR weapon mounted lasers, since for some reason you can't have both on your weapon. In addition, each side could have their own type of helmet light/strobe....Hang on this is where it gets complicated.... You could tell them apart in the air by the flash patterns.

Bluefor: .....\Flash/....1. 1000, 2. 1000, 3. 1000.... \Flash/...and so on

Opfor: ......\Flash/ \Flash/.....1. 1000, 2. 1000, 3.1000, 4. 1000.....\Flash/ \Flash/…and so on

Green: ......\Flash/ \Flash/..(1/4 second pause)..\Flash/ \Flash/.....1. 1000, 2. 1000, 3. 1000.....\Flash/ \Flash/..(1/4 second pause)..\Flash/ \Flash/…and so on

Civilian Dogs: Cities have dogs, some are nice, some are mean, some bark and some don’t really care. I would like to see scenarios where dogs would bark and alert people in the area when opposing forces are nearby… or possibly even attack or attack and run away as if it was scared and just trying to protect it’s family and territory.

Depleting supply crates that can be dropped off by helicopters: Crates can be customizable but will take up the spots of 2 or 5 people depending on size, large or small. (I.E. Ammo crate small- 30stanmags, 12 200rd belt, 20grenades, 20 HE40mm, 2 rockets. Large crate- Lynx Rifle w/ 5mags, 8 rockets, 60 stanmag, 20 200rd belt, 40genades, 40 HE40mm.) Once the ammo is gone, it’s gone. The helicopters don’t have to land to drop these crates off, however the higher the altitude the more chance you have that weapons or ammo will be damaged. (Not available and unable to take out of the crate – Highlighted in red.) 3 meters and below- No damage. 7 to 3 meters- Possible moderate damage. 8 meters and higher- Critical damage. SCENARIO: Something similar to Invade and Annex… Assault an objective and take it over. Supplies are limited and crates spawn every 15 minutes at the main base requiring them to be helo’d out to the forward positions. On top of that, some objectives might receive a counter attack from the enemy up to 15 minutes after being taken; this would make having a fluid supply line key and ensure the helo pilots stayed busy.

Better HUD for planes and helicopters: We know the white lock on box isn’t cutting it. How about helmet mounted HUD? (Circle and look at a target, lock, fire, go home and play N64. - Pilot Life)

Occupant list in vehicles: Everyone inside of a vehicle should be able to see the names of everyone else in that vehicle with them including what position they are in. Every seat should have a number...yes like BF3. Perhaps you could choose where you'd like that list to show up on your screen, side or bottom… or hide it all together.

A Word about the Futuristic Setting: Arma 3 is set in 2035, a lot of people REALLY hate this concept. For some reason they believe that just because a game is set in the future, it can’t be realistic and therefore it must be shifting from the beloved milsim style game they once played and is now turning into Starship Troopers. ZOMG! The truth is that no one has said anything about spaceships and laser and as long as we keep it that way, I think we’ll be just fine. Personally I really like the future setting and the truth is all of the weapons and vehicles so far seem to be pretty well grounded to current technology standards…in fact I even think that some might have taken a step back…but I suppose that is realistic too. After all, defense contractors don’t always learn their lesson the first time. With that being said, in response to all the people crying for old weapons, vehicles and planes, I think it would be better to push BIS to focus on the REALISTIC FUTURE weapons and vehicles that they already have planned or are in the game, plus a few more… (See aircraft) Because of BIS’s limited time and resources I don’t think it would be practical to polish all the old content from Arma 2, instead that content should be polished and brought in from the mod community thanks to so many people wanting so many different things and what not. They left the game open to modding for a reason….

Vehicles: I’m not really going to get too into this one but I think a lot of people including myself feel like there is still much to be desired. The Mobile Artillery, IFVs, and AA are just variations of the BTR’s and Panthers. I’m all for variety in weapons but I can’t help but wonder if we will find a somewhat sizable gap in firepower and capabilities between some of the Bluefor and Opfor vehicles. I.E. Lack of ATGMs on the Marshall or no heavy cannon on the Panther IFV….The Marine Corps had a hard time with that too.

Weapons: As far as additional weapons go, I'm actually fairly happy with what we have right now but if we were going to add more then I'd say the classics should really be the only additions BIS focuses on, leave everything else out. All weapons should be the most modern versions available today (2013) and for weapons with different barrel lengths I would only include the most common military standard and compact length barrels. (20in/14in for AR platform, 13/8-10in for AK… so on and so forth.) I might have left a few out so don't go crazy...

The list below shows weapons that are already in the game and weapons I wouldn't mind them adding. I have catagorized and assigned some to specific factions as well as changed thier use and YES I KNOW THE CALIBERS ARE NOT ALL CORRECT TO THE REAL WEAPONS OR WEAPONS ALREADY IN THE GAME! I did that for a reason to try and give every side a specific gun. Also I didn't add some weapons like the SCAR because the MX series is a hybrid of the ACR and XCR... I don't really think the SCAR brings anything else signifcant to the table same with the G36.

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS HOW I WOULD HAVE DONE IT. Not just the weapons I want to see in the game. Also check my more complete weapons and vehicle list here if you'd like... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?121496-What-weapons-vehicles-would-you-like-to-see-in-ArmA-3/page62

BlueFor - M16/M4 (5.56mm)

OpFor - AEK-972 (5.56mm)

IndFor - F2000 (5.56mm)

Anyone - Tavor (5.56mm)

BlueFor - MX Series (6.5mm)

OpFor - KH2002 (6.5mm)

IndFor - Beretta ARX (6.5mm)

Underwater: I think the underwater capable guns should have to fire special ammunition like the real ADS rifle. You could load stanmag 6.5 on land and UWSPEC rounds in water.

BlueFor - Steyr AUG / F90(6.5mm) (Since the ADS has an underbarrel grenade launcher I think it would be ok to add one for this too.)- Could also just make it the Tavor but I see the AUG as revolutionary and worthy of mention in game.

OpFor - KPB ADS (6.5mm)

IndFor - VHS 2 - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/834/vhsd220620copy.jpg/

NOTE: Since I doubt BIS would be willing to go back and change the ballistics between the 7.62x39 vs 7.62x51 or the 54. I only put two 7.62x39 rifles on the list.

Blue/IndFor - Galil ACE 32 (7.62x39mm)

OpFor - AK-12 (7.62x39mm)


BlueFor - Keltec RFB 18"(7.62x51mm) (Yes I changed this from the SDAR 5.56mm)

Opfor - Vepr (modernized) (7.62x51mm) - http://www.onesourcetactical.com/images/products/detail/DSC_0643.jpg (Not 308, picture box mag instead.)

IndFor - FN FAL (Modernized) (7.62x51mm) - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4EMBM8CWVOQ/UVi_qWEliTI/AAAAAAAAA_M/3ymYzSiS9JQ/s1600/DSA-SA-58-OSW.jpg

Anyone - HK G3 (modernized) (7.62x51mm) - http://www.militaryimages.net/photopost/data/532/HK_G31.jpg


BlueFor - MK 14 (7.62x51mm)

OpFor - VS-121 (7.62x51mm)

IndFor - L129A1 (7.62x51mm)

Anyone - RFB 24" w/ rail (7.62x51mm) - http://olegvolk.net/gallery/d/42742-2/RFB_24in_prone_8921wallpaper.jpg

I suppose the SCAR .308 could also be a battlerifle or DMR

SNIPER RIFLES: (Make them all one standard sniper caliber...338 Norma or Lapua?

BlueFor - Remington M2010 (Or MSR since the M2010 isn't offered in 338 as of yet.)

Opfor - ORSIS T-5000

IndFor - Accuracy International AX338


BlueFor - M107A1 w/ Hornady AMAX .50 Or SLAP rounds :D

OPFOR - OSV-96 - 12.7 OR Arash - 20mm (Haha :P )

GreenFor - Gepard GM6 Lynx - 12.7


BlueFor - LSAT (6.5mm) - (Don't really care if they add another LMG or not but it's an option I guess.)

OpFor - Ulitimax 100 (6.5mm) - (Same as above but I think the OpFor should have one before Bluefor.)

IndFor - KA LMG (6.5mm)

BlueFor - M60E4 (7.62mm)

OpFor - PKP (7.62mm)

IndFor - IMI Negev (7.62mm)

Anyone - HK 121 (7.62mm)

BlueFor - XM312 (.50 cal)

OpFor - KORD (12.7mm)

IndFor - M2 (.50 cal)

Auto Grenade Launcher - Not really sure if there is a more modern or planned grenade launcher and HMG for the Russians/Iranians

BlueFor - XM307 (25mm)

OpFor - AGS-30 (30mm)

IndFor - HK GMG (40mm)


BlueFor - MKA 1919 (12Ga) - (Licensed by...someone else? I doubt turkey would sell to Nato if a war started involving ME countries.)

OpFor - VEPR 12 (12Ga)

IndFor - M1014 (12Ga)

Anyone - KSG (12Ga)

(Civilian/Guerrilla scenarios, WWII weapons) - I think these would be better suited as add-on content later due to different ballistics... For the most part I see no reason why civilians couldn't realistically use the assualt rifle platforms above.

Rem870/Moss500 (12Ga) - Anyone

Remington 700 (.300Win) - Anyone

Lever Action Rifle (30-30 or 45-70) - Anyone

M1 Garand (30-06) - Anyone

Lee Enfield (303) - Anyone

Mauser K98 (7.92mm) - Anyone

Mosin Nagant (7.62) - Anyone


Overall I think BIS has done a really really great job. They’ve certainly come a long way from the days of Operation Flashpoint. It seems like they’ve held pretty close to the roots on keeping this project based more on realism than just another flashy shoot’em up. I’m certainly enjoying the idea and the direction they’re taking it, however as with all things, I think it’s important to remember that it’s not over yet, let’s not get complacent and start calling it good enough. There is real potential in Arma 3 to turn it into a game that everyone who enjoys realistic milsim shooters must have and set the global standard for what one should be…though I guess they’ve already done that, but that’s no reason to stop now.

TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT - Personally I don't see any need in adding the massive heavy lifters, although the C-5 Galaxy is probably my favorite transport (Love the sound of those engines.) I just can't see any need for something that big with any of the map sizes that have been created for ARMA 2 or 3. A medium sized aircraft is really all that I would consider necessary, anything larger would just be for fun. Also since it's the future, I think we should use our imaginations a little bit and look past just the plain old fixed wing aircraft.

Now here is the part where I’m torn… I like variety in planes… certain planes do certain things better, that’s why I don’t really like assigning one plane to a specific group. I think they should just be customizable. (I.E. paint jobs and markings) On the other hand I can see having a game where 3 sides clash and giving them distinct aircraft with uneven capabilities could be a small problem for those who just want to have fun and not have to plan for how to best utilize their aircraft given the limitations. (Public Multi-player)

So if we gave them similar capabilities based off the rough draft of limitations I set in this wish list it would be this...

All aircraft can carry 80 troops or 2 tanks but the Quad Rotor and Tilt Wing could only do so if they executed a rolling takeoff and landing, otherwise they could only take off and land completely vertical with 1 tank.

In addition the Quad rotor would be slow and cumbersome in helicopter mode but it would be able to move side to side whereas the Tilt Wing would need to rotate and then move forward or backward. They should all be able to reverse direction. The A400M would be able to take off and land in relatively short distance and would be quite nimble.

BLUEFOR: Quad Tilt Rotor - Something similar to the V-44 http://i44.tinypic.com/zm1vm9.jpg or http://i39.tinypic.com/5fkpl3.png (I’m thinking it needs a tail fin though.) Basically it would be about the size of a C-17GlobeMaster. I think it would be neat if it could open up the nose like a C-5 Galaxy, that way you could pretty much drive up the rear ramp to load up and straight out the front when you land.

OPFOR: Tilt Wing – Something that resembles a wider IL-76 with counter rotating props like the AN-70 and a tilt wing. Kinda like this… http://i44.tinypic.com/qxjngi.jpg (Sort of looks like an IL-76 already!) Here's a different cool picture. http://i41.tinypic.com/2njhnpe.jpg (I actually like this one too, it looks like a C-17 though.) Here's what the props of an AN-70 look like. http://i44.tinypic.com/245bol5.jpg The engines should be larger though and it should have a turbo fan on the back (needs it for stabilization)…or just leave that bit of realism out completely. If you haven’t seen the XC-142 here you go. :P

INDFOR: A300M - Upgraded to be slightly wider with the ability to accommodate 2 tanks. It should be quick, maneuverable, have excellent braking and the ability to reverse direction on the ground.

To those saying that the A300M and the C-17 are going to be out of service by 2035...doubtful. Look how long we've been using the C-5 and the C-130. The stealth C-130 is a long LONG ways off…and we have to find the money to fund it first. As far as I know, progress is slow at best.

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Across the board Team authority to punish Team Killers/vehicle destroyers: New options for players to take matters into their own hands when admins are not online. #VoteFreezeBlind- Blinds and Freezes all actions by the player by taking away their ability to see, shoot, move, throw grenades, check inventory for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or until server restart. (If there is a way to keep them from disconnecting from the server for 5 minutes just to waste their time I would like that as well.) Too many times have I had to endure someone with nothing better to do than sit in spawn or just outside and repeatedly kill teammates or blow up vehicles in an effort to cripple their team. We should have some ability to annoy them until they go away with something that constantly halts their game play via a 2/3 vote. Vote kick is ineffective because the harassing player can just return and continue… at least with this you would stop them from having as much fun. If they change their profile name then you can just vote against that name too. The servers should remember those names until it restarts.

The scroll wheel menu interface: ....It might be ok for some things like switching seats in a vehicle, loading tracer mags, repairing a vehicle or looking through a pack... other than that…I'm not so convinced.... If you've ever played a CQB game like King of the Hill then you might know what I'm talking about... being forced to hide your movement by closing doors behind you becomes nerve racking and finally down right frustrating when you either can't find the right spot to open or close a door.. or the wrong door opens and closes. (I.E. the one behind you)... I haven't thought up exactly what I would like but at the moment I'm thinking we need...A USE KEY…for basic functioning things. Who here has ever set a charge while trying to jump in the back of a helo? We have a GET OUT/EJECT button, why can't we have a USE/GET IN button or something that locks the menu from scrolling when you run your character up against the door of a vehicle? I think that would be glitchy too though.

I know a lot of people are going to hate that simple solution because they want it…"AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE!" But to me...Open Driver Door (click), Get In (Click), Close Driver Door (Click)...That just seems complicated and way too cumbersome for something I would be doing automatically.. I know some scenarios like City Life would be good for using doors as semi-cover... but I think that's better left as an optional mod. Then again you could have the use key for quick get in and use the scroll wheel only to open doors and what not..

Nice idea about the Team Killers. Also block their chat.

One thing that ran rampant in Arma2 was artillery strikes. How to stop those other than by kicking/banning the player, I don't know.

Arty strikes isn't something a player normally can do out of thin air but hackers could.

Scroll-wheel-menu: The most used options should ALWAYS top the list. 'Put explosive charge' should always be near the bottom.

Top-list: Get IN/OUT (when applicable)/Switch to AT-launcher/AA/Sidearm.

Bottom list: Put charge/mine/Blow it up.

Maybe also keybinds for 'Ride in back', 'Get in as driver/gunner/commander' (if these don't exist).

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Blufor and Opfor need high capacity transport helicopters like Indfor's 16 seater Mohawk.

The community I play in would struggle with the amount of pilots needed to transport each squad + attachments using only 8 seats per helicopter.

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I think it's mission critical for BIS to really improve the server browser and how mods are handled by the game. I know there are other issues people may find more pressing, but I think it's extremly important to revitalize the multiplayer before we can witness the desertification of Arma3 servers, like Arma2 before DayZ.

Removing the ingame server browser and expansion manager while replacing them with a launcher similar to SixUpdater except more userfriendly would allow anyone to easily download and set up mods with no headaches. It would encourage server admins to install more mods as well which would enhance the gameplay for everyone. So far the vast majority of the servers run on the same buggy and kinda boring missions, and I see people getting fed up with those rather quickly.

A more userfriendly voting system is also needed... It's 2013 and I still have to tell people commands I learned a decade ago on OFp to restart a game. Of course those votes never succeed anyway. Something similar to any mordern game, you call for a vote and the rest of the players can either press vote Yes or No. It's simple and would sure help a great deal when admins are nowhere to be found.

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